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The 'Read more' Template

Ever considered making a trailer for an article? You should! Let us tell you why.

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About this template

This may sound counterintuitive but sometimes it makes a lot of sense to make a video that IS a summary of a larger news story with the purpose of driving the viewer to another piece of content. This video can work as a great offshoot to a press release or a news story.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

In any text you’ve written. You can use this format if you have published a press release, a blog post, a white paper, or any other type of text.

Find your assets

In most cases, the image material already exists since the text probably has an image as an illustration. Use it – it attracts the reader because they recognise your brand content. The video can be illustrated with a generic image/video or a solid background colour if there is no image.

Produce it

Since the article is already written, the material is basically ready. Sometimes you need to work a little on summarising the text or making it "quicker" to digest, and sometimes it’s enough to copy only selected parts.

Create your video script

Write a news headline

In this format, the headline should be quite straightforward and tell the most important thing – what has happened; it should be a classic news headline. You are probably best off using more or less the same headline as for the press release.

Write a news headline

Create a news summary

Summarise the news and give the details you couldn’t fit in the headline. Since this video is made to get people to click and find more information, you shouldn’t make this too long – it IS a teaser. So give the bare minimum – but still enough for someone who won’t read more to understand what has happened. You could view this as being the intro to the story.

Create a news summary

Write more information

If you're using this as a trailer, let the viewer know where they can find out more and don't forget to add a link in the post or a comment if you're sharing this on social. If not, you can go straight to the outro at this point.

Write more information

4. Outro with message

Use a standard payoff/slogan or connect it to the script, depending on what works best for your script.

4. Outro with message

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