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The 'Signature Takeaway' Template

Have a report but want to make it come alive? Use this template, and give those facts and stats a face and context.

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About this template

This format lends itself to making easy-to-consume videos for significant takeaways from financial or scientific reports. By elevating – or creating – quotes from stakeholders, higher-ups, business leaders, or scientific leaders, you can create attractive videos from most high-level conclusions or findings in a report. The format is almost entirely quote-driven, so it will also breathe some life into the report outtakes since you put a person front and centre.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

If the report is made by your company, asking for a couple of comments from stakeholders is a simple task. If you’re quoting someone else’s report, you can still look within your own organisation to find an interesting point of view to quote.

Find your assets

You will need a high-quality image or video clip of the person giving the quote.

Produce it

The fastest way to produce this is to find the pieces of information you would like a comment on and email or ask the person about that specific piece of info. Remember that you might need to rearrange the quote to suit the template, so make sure to get it approved by your interviewee before you publish.

Create your video script

Signature Quote

This is more or less the whole script and this quote should tell the entire story. So it needs to be very “presentation” like in its design, meaning it does not answer a straightforward question but starts from “cold.” This quote can be rather long, so pay attention to not losing tempo and becoming dull. Ensure you have the correct attribution so the viewer gets a clear picture of who this is.


“One thing we are especially proud of…”

“A major change this year was that we…”

“The most exciting finding was…”

Signature Quote

Read More Info

Use this section to refer to the whole report or paper – or inform if it’s a pre-print and if and where the viewer can find more information.

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Add a standard message for the outro, if needed. Or simply end off with your logo.


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