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The 'Simple Testimonial' Template

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About this template

Customers have a way of describing your offering in a way that is likely to resonate with your prospects. A quick testimonial video is great for creating legitimacy for your brand and trust in your messaging. You can quickly produce quite a few of these and collect assets and testimonials through mail or forms. So don’t shy away from a simple format like this.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Review sites, NPS or other surveys that you’re already running, or even a simple email to your best customers asking them to answer a specific question. This story is not about digging into the customer’s needs, so look for quotes that focus on the experience of using the product or service for maximum target market recognition.

Find your assets

Use a headshot or “in-environment” image/video clip of the person giving the quote. If that is not possible – use product or service-specific media. Don’t use stock content in this case.

Produce it

You can quickly produce quite a few of these and collect relevant images/video clips and testimonials through email, forms or copy-paste from review sites.

Create your video script

The Testimonial

Start with the quote from the customer or the client. Use their words – but make sure the product or service is mentioned early so the viewer knows what it’s about. Present the person’s title – and, if relevant – organisation in a subtitle. This helps viewers recognise that it’s relevant to them.

The Testimonial

Read More CTA

Refer the viewer to your site to read more about the product or service.


“Read more about [X] on our website”.

Read More CTA

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