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The 'Organisational Insight' Template

Introduce your audience to the different parts of your organisation in a fun way with this format.

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About this template

This format is very straightforward – as a series it’s about breathing a bit of life into the organisational chart and presenting different aspects of your organisation. Each video showcases a single department.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Just pick any department in the organisation.

Find your assets

Use images/video clips of the people in that department and a portrait of the person you quote. If you can’t find any, just take them yourself.

Produce it

Present the department with some basic information, and reference a key person who can talk a bit about what they do. It doesn’t take much work to produce since you can easily source all the information internally.

Create your video script

Department Headline

Try and be creative with the headline here – you may have some success using a question-type headline, which can create a bit of extra curiosity. 

“What does [Department] do after 3PM?”

“Do you have any idea what [Department] does?”

Department Headline

Department Facts

Tell the viewer the basics of what the department does - what does the day-to-day look like, what are their responsibilities, what is their function in the organisation, etc. You can also mention other facts such as the number of people working there, recent projects or revenue if you belong to a big organisation.

Department Facts

Department Quote

Have someone from the department describe the “what” but in their own words. Ideally, you want a personal touch that shows the value of their department to the organisation, for example: “the heart and soul,” “the backbone,” “the last defence,” etc.

Department Quote

More Info

Encourage the viewer to find out more about the department – be it a career page or other source of additional information.

More Info


Include a standard message for the outro, if needed. Leave empty if you just want to use your logo.


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