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The 'Research & Regulation' Template

Need to address important changes that may affect your business or organisation? This format can help shape public perception of your business.

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About this template

If your business is impacted by infrastructure or regulatory changes, you’ll need to approach that with care from a communications standpoint. Provide information about the event and then share your response in some detail. This way, you can mitigate worries or misconceptions immediately - it’s all about being proactive.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

This is something that will come to you. But sometimes, you might need to take the initiative to suggest this kind of proactive communication on the subject.

Find your assets

Use a stock image/video clip that relates to the topic.

Produce it

Get the details about the situation from a relevant person in your organisation, or find out where you can get the info you need. Also, request an official statement and talking points that you can use to write your script.

Create your video script

News Headline

Craft a “newsy” headline that makes it clear that this is a current event. You can make it about yourself which may make the video more relevant to your audience. 


New regulation affects [X].”

“Industry is preparing for new laws on [Y].”

“How [Company Name] is meeting the new demands of [Z].”

News Headline

This Is Happening

Flesh out the details of this change but be very fact-based to get the viewers up to speed on the issue and lay the groundwork for the reaction. You want the viewer to have a good grasp of what you’re reacting to.

This Is Happening

Our Reaction

Make sure to clearly describe the organisation's official stance here. Whether that’s mildly invested, preparing for battle or preparing to leverage something that will significantly enhance your way of doing business. Either way – you want to make it clear.

Our Reaction


Get an executive or other key person in the organisation to reiterate the official line on the issue. This can be somewhat repetitive relative to what was said in the previous section, but the idea here is to make it even more “official” by putting a name behind what is being communicated. So you can afford this to be a kind of “politician’s answer”- it's more about someone saying something - than exactly what they’re saying.



Include a standard message for the outro, if needed, or just use a standard brand outro graphic or your logo.


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