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The 'Theme Park' Template

Does your event have different themes or tracks? Don’t miss the opportunity to market every one of them. With this format, you will create a great sense of urgency and show that you’re on top of all the hot topics.

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About this template

With this format, you just go track by track. Give every theme or track its own marketing video and use this in a targeted marketing manner. You want to create a sense of excitement and urgency for the theme at the start of the video and then keep giving information on what will happen at the event and why this theme is relevant. This is an excellent way of mentioning many of your participants and speakers. And avoid it being too much of a slideshow.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

In your agenda! Depending on what type of event you're hosting, you have probably set both themes and tracks. This is a way to highlight them.

Find your assets

If you have event-specific images/video clips from a previous event, great. If you don't: use stock media.

Produce it

Just sit down with your agenda, identify themes and/or tracks, and follow this step-by-step guide.

Create your video script

Theme Headline

Craft a headline that grabs the viewer’s attention and immediately puts the track or theme in the spotlight. You’ve chosen this theme for a reason, and this is the place to let it show. You want to create a sense of urgency around the subject for the viewer.


 “[The Theme] – what everyone is talking about right now,”

“Why is [The Theme] the hottest subject in business now? We know.”

Theme Headline

Theme Info

Do a short but somewhat more profound explanation of this theme and re-iterate that it is a happening subject and relevant right now. So you want to repeat the theme and establish the relevance with some context.


“[The Theme] has been much discussed lately, not least due to the major development in [The Technology] and the new regulations that are in play. We are doubling down on this in a great track at [The Event]”.

Theme Info

Theme Content

Now mention all, or a lot, of the content in the track by simply listing speakers and subjects in short sentences. This will create a cool reading effect and give viewers a sense of a hectic and fully-fledged schedule. So craft it like this: “We have [Name Surname] talking about [The Subject]. [Name Surname 2] leading us through the inner workings of [The Subject]. [Name Surname 3] gives us [The Subject]” and so on.

Theme Content

Event Outro

Do a solid referral to your event site, either in a descriptive “read more” style, or you could take the chance to create some FOMO for the viewer here. 


“All information on [The Event] at [URL]” 

“Don’t miss out – book your spot at [The Event Page] today”

Event Outro

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