Event Videos

The 'This One’s For You' Template

When launching an event, you probably have several target audiences in mind. This is a format to directly address each and every one of them with your video marketing.

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About this template

This format is excellent for creating specific collections of features about your event that a particular target audience could find especially interesting. So you directly address the target audience, and then you can add any number of great schedule items that suit them. This becomes an excellent way to package a lot of different value propositions for different types of visitors – without lots of extra work from you.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

In your event agenda, combined with the knowledge you have about your audience.

Find your assets

If you have event-specific images/video clips from a previous event, great. If you don't, use stock media.

Produce it

Think about the different groups of people or segments within your target audience. Which agenda topics would each specific segment think is especially interesting? Combine them into a video.

Create your video script

Target Audience Headline

In this headline, you want to shoot straight for the target audience since this is the purpose of the format. So don’t be afraid to mention the target audience and then move directly to saying the thing/things you think will be interesting for that particular group of people.


“[The Event] for [Target Audience]: The 5 most important speakers”

“4 Great Presentations for the modern [Target Audience] at [The Event]”

“Hey [Target Audience] – here are [The Event] highlights you can’t afford to miss”

Target Audience Headline

Target Audience Intro

Do a short pitch for this target audience by addressing what you think is the value that they will find at the event. You want to identify the challenge before you inform them about what the event can bring them.


“For a modern [Target Group], it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends” 

“The world of [Target Group Business Field] is changing fast, you constantly have to adapt…”

Target Audience Intro

Schedule Item

You don’t have to do too much additional work on the information here. Use a label to give the date, time, and place, and then you use a main text field to mention the speaker, the subject, or the workshop title.

Schedule Item

Event Outro

Do a solid referral to your event site, either in a descriptive “read more” style, or you could take the chance to create some FOMO for the viewer here. 


“All information on [The Event] at [URL]” 

“Don’t miss out – book your spot at [The Event Page] today”

Event Outro

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