Internal Communication Videos

The 'This Period In' Template

Share your company updates with this easy video format that ensures everyone knows what’s going on.

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About this template

This is a more traditional “update” format that needs anywhere from two to five updates to work. You can use this for recurring updates – or to highlight something special.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

It could be a weekly agenda at work – but it could also be the menu at the company restaurant.

Find your assets

Use relevant stock images, or better yet, if you have relevant images from your company media library, use those.

Produce it

This video is based on a list format which makes it very easy to produce. Simply compile the updates you want to share and create a short description for each.

Create your video script

Update Headline

You can craft a headline that reflects the content in the update, or one that focuses on the frequency or period of the updates, whether that’s weekly, a specific month or something seasonal.


"The Latest Sales Numbers" or "November Update"

Update Headline


Use this section to summarise what happened and give a review of the period the updates are from. 


“This week was our best so far…”  

“Looking back at November, it was obvious it had its challenges.”


Update Item

Write a short description of each point in the update, and present them one at a time. Add a bit of context if necessary along the bottom or as a subtitle, but keep it brief.

Update Item


Add a standard message for the outro, if needed, or simply use your logo.


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