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The 'Value Statement' Template

A simple and matter-of-fact way to communicate your organisational values or beliefs.

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About this template

This format helps you contextualise one of your organisational values to help people outside the organisation make sense of the implications. You want to say what you believe in, why that is important, and how this is realised.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Speak to your organisation’s leadership to make sure you fully understand their thinking on the topic.

Find your assets

Use relevant stock or company images/video clips that illustrate the different parts of the script.

Produce it

Do a bit of research on the topic – the what, why and how related to the value, and then produce a some text for each section outlined below. You won’t need any quotes.

Create your video script

We Believe Headline

Write a headline that frames the value statement. This can mean that you have to be somewhat creative with the exact wording of the value – but try to be very close to the official way your organisation talks about this. 


“We believe in…”

“We stand for…”

“We make an effort to be…”.

We Believe Headline

Value Explained

This is the deeper dive into why you have this value. Provide insight into the rest of your value statement in a way that connects your headline to what you are saying here.

Value Explained

Value In Reality

This part requires a bit more effort to connect the value and how it’s reflected in one or more parts of your business.


“Our focus on [Value] led to us doing [Action]…”
“The investment in [X] is a direct consequence of our belief in [Value]…”

Value In Reality


Include a standard message for the outro, if needed. Leave empty if you just want to use your logo.


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