Recruitment Videos

The 'Wanted!' Template

Use your network to find the right people! This format will activate those around you to help you in your search for talent.

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About this template

This format is about getting people to suggest applicants – so it’s very much “made for LinkedIn.” You want to actively address someone among your connections who might know someone relevant. This is to make it easier to ask for a share and activate your network. You’re not focused on communicating with the applicant here– but with someone you hope knows the right candidate. It’s another effective tool in the toolbox.

How to get started

This is a step-by-step guide on how you use this template to write your year in review video script.

Find your story

Any recruitment ad could work for this format. You just need to create messaging that triggers your network and makes them want to share the ad with their connections.

Find your assets

Use a relevant stock image and, if you have one, a branded image/video clip.

Produce it

Spend a bit of time crafting a good headline to motivate the viewer and you're set. The rest is just repurposing information from the job ad and adding that final CTA to ask your network to share the video.

Create your video script

Do You Know Headline

You want to establish the notion of “I’m seeing this in feed because I have a friendly and collaborative network”. Ensure your messaging is aimed towards the people who can help you find the right applicant. 


“We’re looking for a [Position] – do you know who we need?” 

“Challenge: Find us a great [Position]” 

“Network Alert – help us find the best [Positions] in town”

Do You Know Headline

We Are Hiring Info

Use the "summary" information from the recruitment ad but add a few more details about "why" you are recruiting - to give the video a bit more interest. You want to say things like “our art director is going on a sabbatical” or “we’re expanding our operations in Finland.” Then you can follow with “and that’s why we’re looking for [Job Info]”. End with “so, are you or do you know someone who is…” to set up the next section.

We Are Hiring Info


Use as many characteristics as you find relevant. You can also mix responsibilities and competencies to make it more dynamic.


Apply Or Share

End the video by giving a shout-out to “share or apply.” It’s very free-form and should be at a level you feel confident with, but remember - there is nothing wrong with asking for a share.

Apply Or Share


Include a standard message for the outro, if needed. Or just use a simple logo ending.


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