Tell every story with a video

Storykit is different from any other video tool out there. How? It’s made by, and for, storytellers.

"Last year we produced three videos throughout the whole year. With Storykit we're producing three every week."
Maria Göransdotter
Marknadsansvarig Science Park, Jönköpings län

This is how it works (and yes, it is this simple)

1. Add slides

Choose from our library of slide templates, or add custom slides hand made for you

2. Write your script

The script is by far the most important part of your social video, that's why we've built a video tool for people who can write.

3. Have fun

Select images, videos and music from our libraries or add your own. Work with colors, animations and filters (or don't, it will look good anyway).

4. Done!

That was it! Really, there's nothing more to it. Your video is ready to be distributed to the world.

Some videos from our amazing clients

What you can do with Storykit

Tell real stories

Our unique content data will increase the effect of your stories by 3-6X

Create videos in minutes

With Storykit anyone can create amazing videos i minutes

Reduce costs

With Storykit you will produce video 75% more cost-effecively

Improve quality

With easy to use tools and 2 000 000+ assets to choose from your videos will look great

Control your brand

Customize your videos  and create themes that are consistent with your brand

Work in the cloud

Your video projects won’t crash your computer anymore

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Söder Mälarstrand 77
118 25 Stockholm, Sweden.

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