5 common mistakes in social media marketing


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What errors do we make when we advertise on social media? The chatter is difficult to penetrate and it is easy to take a wrong turn. We have asked an expert so you don't need to get lost.

Alexander Wroblewski is an expert in digital marketing. He started a digital marketing agency in 2006, SEO Sverige, and thanks to his curiosity he has managed to learn the way to successful marketing. We asked him about the don’ts when it comes to ad sets, target audiences and retargeting.

Five mistakes in social media marketing you don't have to make

5. You forgot the pixel

Alexander Wroblewski.

Alexander Wroblewski.

– Facebook's pixel makes it possible to take your marketing to the next level. With the pixel installed you can retarget your ads, which is the most cost-effective form of digital marketing. Thanks to the pixel, you can find target audiences that at some point has visited your site, or that is similar to your existing customers. Make sure to implement and configure the pixel in the right manner, and learn about its abilities and strengths. If the pixel feels difficult to implement, get help.

4. You are impatient

– Stressed about reaching budget goals or pressured to see a profit? That may cause your strategy to fail. When you make a marketing strategy, make sure to see further than the nearest future. If you are revising your target audiences after just a small amount of time, it's easy to make hasty conclusions. You might turn off targeting audiences that have not performed yet. But if you hold on to those audiences a little longer, the algorithms will have had the time to collect the data it needs, and the results may surprise you.

3.  Your target audiences overlap

– When you build your ad structure, it’s important that your target audiences are different enough not to overlap. The risk with overlapping is that it will take a lot longer for you to find your golden audiences. Compare your target audiences and make sure to keep them apart.

2. Your planning is short-termed

– The time when everything converted effortlessly on Facebook has passed. You need to think several steps ahead when you’re planning your marketing. Let us say that you got resources to reach 20 000 people in a certain target audience and that those 20 000 doesn’t convert as well as you thought. Don’t give up! There is a value to those people because they might still have shown interest in your ad. Retarget your advertising to everyone who has interacted with your ad. For example, if someone has shared, comment or viewed 50 per cent of your video, use their shown interest and appeal to them with a new message.

1.  Your ad is boring

– The average Facebook user gets flooded by ads in their feed. To get their attention you need to have well thought through copy and imagery that is appealing to the eye. Don’t forget that even if you are working structured at a technical level, a well-designed ad that serves your target audience’s needs is your best bet to succeed. 

Bonus tip: Do not miss out on Lookalike Audiences!

– Lookalike Audiences is a real strength with Facebook advertising. You can create target audiences based on your best customers. Let us say that you have a list with your 50 000 best converting customers. Within those 50 000, you can adjust your message to appeal to different smaller audiences. Trim those new audiences after age and demography. You will most likely have your most successful campaigns with your Lookalike Audiences.

Three words to keep track of

  • Facebook Pixel: The Facebook pixel is a code snippet that you put on your site. It collects data that helps you track conversions from your ads, build targeted audiences and retarget to people who has made some sort of interaction on your site.
  • Retargeting: Also known as remarketing. A method to market your ads again, to people who have already visited your site or has seen part of your video. People who have shown interest, but needs a reminder or a new message to be convinced.
  • Lookalike Audiences: A target audience based on the people who have already converted. From those people, you make a new target audience that is similar to your original converting audience. 

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