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How does an AI script generator work?

Why should I start using Storykit AI to write my video scripts?

Start creating AI-generated scripts without fear

Busy content marketers: so your boss wants you to integrate a video strategy into your content plan, and you're left wondering how to fit video scriptwriting into your already packed schedule. The good news? You don't need to start from square one. Discover how you can transform your existing content goldmine into concise, impactful video scripts using AI.

Video is key when it comes to standing out and getting your messaging across. However,  writing on-brand video scripts can feel uninspiring. Spending hours trying to find the right word or phrase, only to find it all just sounds… wrong out loud? It can feel like pulling teeth. 

When you’re elbowing through a crowded market of content, every word counts, and finding the best way to communicate is how you keep your audience’s attention. And, yes, with that kind of pressure, you might just wish you were pulling teeth instead. Until now.

In this easy guide, we will show you how you can create short on-brand scripts and grab your audience’s attention using an AI script generator. 

How does an AI script generator work?  

An AI script generator is a tool that enables you to generate high-quality scripts in minutes. 

The process is straightforward: you provide prompts or input text explaining what you want — the plot, target audience, or summary — and the tool responds by generating a comprehensive script based on your inputs.

Storykit AI script generator vs. alternatives

Before you start googling “AI script generators”, be aware that there are different types. 

Most of the ones that you will come across, such as Simplified or Toolbaz, allow you to create movie-style scripts or screenplays. To generate a script, you just need to input information about your plot, and the AI will take care of the rest.

Simplified AI script generator

Storykit on the other hand specializes in crafting text-based video scripts suited for marketing, communication, recruitment, branding, and more. 

Using Storykit involves a different approach: you copy and paste source text (i.e. articles, case studies, product descriptions, or job listings), then choose the type of video you want to make (case study, awareness product video, blog summary, etc.) and then the AI summarizes the text and constructs a script.  

Storykit AI script generator

Why should I start using Storykit AI to write my video scripts? 

Confession time: A touch of apprehension might linger when considering AI's role, fearing it might replace you. But take a breath, because in this scenario, it's all about getting a kick start. If you’re spending your day trying to find the right word or staring at a blank Google Doc, you’re much better off getting the ball rolling with Storykit’s AI. 

Here's why welcoming Storykit AI into your scriptwriting process is a smart move. 

1. You can create more content faster 

By using AI for your videos, you can create more content faster and discover the best angles to make your videos engaging. While you might think of one good idea from a blog article, Storykit AI can find an infinite amount. Plus, when you have an editor, scriptwriter, and proofreader all in one, you can write your scripts and produce your content in record time. 

2. It won’t make stuff up

“But won’t it just… make stuff up?”, we hear you hardy (and tired) marketers cry. If you're familiar with ChatGPT's capabilities, you've undoubtedly witnessed its enchanting prowess. Yet, there's a flip side — you're likely aware that it occasionally ventures into the realm of fabricating non-existent information.

The thing with Storykit is that it operates exclusively from the text you provide, ensuring that it won’t fabricate facts as some alternative AI scriptwriters might inadvertently do.

3. It will stay on brand

In the era of AI, there's nothing more crucial than aligning your messaging with your brand identity. With Storykit AI, you can rest assured that your content stays on brand since it never conjures information out of thin air.

4. You can make your video scripts shorter

Have a coworker that just goes on and on? Or a weekly meeting that always runs over time? We know the feeling. So does your audience. But shortening those hundred-page documents into short, sweet and snappy scripts is difficult. Which parts do you keep, axe, or emphasize? 

It’s difficult to kill your darlings, but AI is – luckily – ruthless. Simply copy and paste your document into the engine and it will decide for you. It keeps the important parts and loses all the faff, leaving your audience more likely to do what you want them to. 

5. You’re always in control

Not quite the right message? You can generate multiple video scripts on the same subject or tweak the text to make it your own. You’re in the driving seat, but on cruise control for the easy parts. 

6. Oh, and by the way, your script seamlessly transforms into a complete video as well

While other script-writing generators offer just a script, Storykit takes it a step further. With Storykit, you not only receive a well-crafted script but also the completed video. Check it out in the example below.

Start creating AI-generated scripts without fear

AI isn’t the threat many marketers believe it to be. It’s an essential tool in a modern marketer’s Swiss army knife. When used properly, your brand keeps its creative, human flair, and you can cut down the time you spend on uninspired and menial tasks.

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