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Ben Steele


June 28, 2023

March 20, 2024

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As a brand marketer, the stories you tell couldn’t be more important. And if those stories aren’t getting enough traction, this blog post is for you.

Brace yourself, it’s about to get uncomfortable. 

Picture this: you find yourself on the sofa of a TV chat show. The host and guests effortlessly bounce off each other, telling the kind of enthralling stories you could only dream of rehearsing for your next dinner party.

And then… the host turns to you. You mumble a story that could sound interesting, but your intro is weak, your jokes don’t work with the audience, and you’re talking too much. And the crowd goes… mild. 

Now look at your brand’s messaging. If your brand’s stories feel anything like that horrifying sofa moment we invented, you’re wasting the opportunity of a good story that hooks your reader in and walks them, almost effortlessly, to your desired goal. 

Here’s how to get them there. 

How to tell a great brand story 

Let’s go back to basics: a good story is really just grabbing a reader’s attention, and keeping it, from start to finish. A good story has a good arc, often with a hero and a mission. Maybe a twist. Always a journey. 

But when you’re creating branded assets for your company, like videos, utilizing storytelling techniques can seem almost impossible. Your brand doesn’t need to put Shakespeare to shame: your content just needs to get your readers to feel something. 

What if we gave you a tool to help you get there? With AI, it really couldn’t be simpler to create stories you’re proud to tell. 

Video storytelling simplifies the complex and clears up the confusing. It marries concepts seamlessly into short clips. And, crucially, it gets your messages across with ease and flair. 

That’s why we decided to build Storykit AI. It takes your pre-existing text and gives it a beautiful and memorable second life with video storytelling that perfectly suits your brand. 

How to create AI content that actually stays on brand and delivers your message

“As a marketer, what do you feel is worse? Using the wrong shade of green or the wrong messaging?”, asks Fredrik Strömberg, co-founder of Storykit. If your answer isn’t messaging, it’s time for a rethink. 

Nothing is more important than staying on brand with your messaging, especially in the age of AI.

That’s why we built Storykit AI to exclusively work from your input text, ignoring and rejecting other sources. It’ll always stay true to your brand and image – because it has to.

You should spend more time on your messaging, and no time on much else. Because once you’ve done the human part and nailed your messaging, why waste your time on menial tasks that AI can handle? 

Storykit AI steps in to seamlessly deliver your expertly-crafted content as video stories, without needing any heavy lifting. Here’s how you can transform the content you already have to memorable brand stories.

Turn case studies into stories with AI

Case studies are how you prove you’re brilliant. But often, they’re compressed into the bland, forgettable context of articles and text – when was the last time you read a case study from start to finish? Try turning it into a video story instead. Goodbye, forgettable case study. Hello, standout story. Let AI take your pre-existing text, take out the main points, and generate it into a video story that efficiently and effectively delivers the same information. 

Turn your recruitment ads into stories with AI

You’ve got a dynamic, exciting opportunity and you think a wall of text is going to portray that? Paste details of the job and your workplace culture into Storykit’s AI tool and watch it show your workplace off like no job ad ever could. 

Turn your blog articles into stories with AI

Your blog is bloated with content that you want to share. Trimming it down into short well-crafted videos, with a beginning, middle and end is hard. So let AI do the repurposing for you, transforming your old blog content into polished and perfectly noticeable videos.

Use an AI story generator to level up any content you have

The power of effective storytelling cannot be underestimated when it comes to brand messaging. By embracing the simplicity and efficiency of AI-driven storytelling, you can watch as your messages resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impact.

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