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Mattison Hofstedt


May 31, 2023

January 15, 2024

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Text in. Video out. It just takes a few seconds to go from text to finalized video with Storykit. What's the secret? A supersmart AI. "When you have source content there's not much more that needs to be done," says Fredrik Strömberg, CPO and Founder at Storykit.

Storykit has always been the ultimate video creation tool, and now it's even better with the help of AI.

The secret to a great video is a great script, and that's where Storykit shines. Storykit makes video creation easy and effective because it starts with the script.

Thanks to this, the tool is perfect for people who are used to working with text and it allows for a very smooth and simple creative process.

"You don't need to know a thing about video production to create videos in Storykit," says Fredrik Strömberg, CPO and Founder at Storykit.

And now you don't even have to know how to write a great script. Our AI will handle that for you.

What do you need to create amazing videos with Storykit AI?

Source content.

Yes, that's it.

With Storykit AI, you can turn a product description into videos for every stage of your marketing funnel. An employee ad into engaging recruitment videos. A press release into summary or quote videos. Your blog article into SEO-optimized "how-to" videos on YouTube. And more.

"Input any source material into the tool, choose which output you want – then you're done. This means that video creation is no longer a specialized role but a task anyone can do," says Peder Bonnier, CEO and Founder of Storykit.

Don't believe us? This video was made instantly just by copying and pasting the text from this section into Storykit AI.

Give Storykit AI a try for free and see how fast you can create an impactful video.

What sets Storykit AI apart?

AI is everywhere. We get it. So what sets us apart? We'll tell you.

Ability to create specific types of videos

As mentioned above, Storykit AI empowers individuals to effortlessly transform ordinary text into precisely targeted videos.

How does it accomplish this? "Creators".

"Creators" allow you to specify the exact type of video you wish to create, whether it's a compelling case story, a concise news summary, an instructive tutorial, or any other format you desire.

Storykit AI Script Creator

With just a single click, the AI is programmed to take the finest elements from your source content and seamlessly transform them into a polished, professional video.

It's that simple.

Ability to form world-class scripts

Storykit's AI possesses a remarkable ability that sets it apart: the power to comprehend text and transform it into world-class scripts based on the "Creator" you choose.

Imagine this: within seconds, it can distill the essence of your source text, weaving together a captivating video script complete with a beginning, middle, and end.

And here's the best part: it does all this without input from other sources, ensuring your copy remains on brand.

Video script created in Storykit

Ability to match text with images and clips

But Storykit AI doesn't stop at scripts alone. It's great at matching those carefully crafted words with striking images and captivating clips.

The result?

Videos that are guaranteed to be brand-safe.

Storykit automatic asset inclusion

As Fredrik Strömberg puts it, "We've ensured that Storykit provides high-quality output and that the AI won't confabulate content. As a result, users can trust that their messaging remains on-brand since their videos are based on their own input," says Fredrik Strömberg.

And remember, the final video is always in your hands.

"Regardless of how perfect the AI's storyboard is, you might still want to make some edits, such as using another slide, colour, or make some other creative adjustments. The final decision needs to be yours and that's why you get to click on the button when you are completely satisfied," says Fredrick Strömberg.

8 types of videos you can create instantly with Storykit AI

Create videos that sell, that engage, that educate, that covert, from just one text.

1. Press Releases / News

Craft concise and engaging summaries of news articles or press releases.

2. Case Stories

Take the text from your case studies and highlight all the main parts or specific quotes.

3. Recruitment

Effortlessly summarize job postings, extracting key information from the source content regardless of how it's expressed.

4. Blog/SEO/Evergreen

Condense blog posts and create optimized evergreen videos by highlighting main takeaways, summarizing key points, answering questions, and providing helpful tutorials.

5. Teasers

Create intriguing teasers for any type of content. These videos generate curiosity and entice viewers to read more.

6. Newsletter Promo

Promote your newsletter by highlighting the top news items or focusing on specific topics of interest.

7. E-Commerce

Create stunning videos from product descriptions that grab attention and drive conversions. Enhance your product campaigns and make them stand out at every stage of the buying funnel.

8. Experimental

Explore the potential of your content even if it's poorly expressed or contains limited information. Transform scant details into cleverly crafted videos or approach the same source from different angles to find new and innovative ways to express your message.

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