From complexity to clarity: Why you should leverage video in the IT industry

Mattison Hofstedt


June 17, 2024

June 17, 2024

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How video can be used in the IT industry

Effective use of video in IT: Lessons from Advenica

How Storykit enables the IT industry to create videos


In the ever-evolving landscape of the IT industry, effectively communicating complex software solutions is a critical challenge. How can this be made easier? Video.

As technology continues to advance, the intricacy of software systems grows, making it essential for IT (informational technology) companies to find innovative ways to convey their value propositions to clients. 

One powerful tool that has emerged in this context is video. 

By leveraging video, IT companies can:

  • Simplify complex information
  • Enhance customer understanding
  • And drive sales

This article explores why video is important in the IT industry and how companies can use it effectively, drawing inspiration from successful case studies.

How video can be used in the IT industry

The importance of video in the IT industry cannot be overstated. Here are a few ways it can benefit IT companies:

Marketing and customer engagement

Videos are a powerful tool for marketing IT products and services. They can demonstrate product features, showcase client testimonials, and explain technical concepts in a user-friendly manner. Engaging video content can attract potential clients, enhance customer understanding, and build trust in the company’s offerings.

Technical support and troubleshooting

Video content is invaluable for providing technical support. IT companies can develop a library of troubleshooting videos that address common issues faced by users. These videos can reduce the load on support teams, provide quick resolutions for customers, and improve overall user satisfaction.

Training and development

Videos serve as an effective medium for training and development. IT companies can create detailed tutorials and instructional videos that help employees understand complex systems and technologies. This visual approach to learning accelerates the training process, ensures consistency in knowledge dissemination, and can be accessed anytime for refresher courses.

Effective use of video in IT: Lessons from Advenica

Simplifying technical content with video

Advenica, a leading cybersecurity company, recognized the advantages of using video in their marketing and communication strategies. Their work is highly technical and dense, with texts that are specific and complex. To address this challenge, Advenica decided to use video to break down these intricate concepts into more accessible content.

  • Efficient communication: Video allowed Advenica to explain their complex cybersecurity solutions in a more straightforward and engaging manner. This approach made it easier for clients to understand the nuances of their products.
  • Enhanced reach: By producing videos, Advenica could engage a broader audience on social media platforms, significantly expanding their reach and improving their ability to communicate their messages effectively.
  • Digestible content: Splitting complex information into a series of videos made their content more digestible for their audience. This not only improved customer understanding but also increased engagement on their website and social media channels.

Example of video from Advenica: 

Using video helped Advenica demystify their highly technical content, making it more accessible and engaging for their target audience. This approach enhanced their communication strategy and contributed to better customer understanding and engagement.

Full case study: Advenica gets more videos for less with Storykit

How Storykit enables the IT industry to create videos

You’re now aware of the many benefits that video can bring to your IT business. However, you probably don't want to spend time learning how to create videos or actually making them. This is where Storykit comes in. Storykit makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create professional videos without needing any editing experience.

With Storykit, you can take a text, such as a security update or a product description, and effortlessly transform it into a video. You can also add screen recordings and product pictures or stock images from our extensive stock library to enhance the storytelling.

Here’s how IT companies leverage Storykit:

  1. Comprehensive onboarding videos
    • Create thorough onboarding videos that improve knowledge retention and compliance among staff. These videos can cover company policies, security protocols, and essential job functions, making it easier for new employees to get up to speed.  
  2. Tutorials and security protocol updates
    • Develop clear and engaging tutorials and security protocol updates. This ensures that all team members are informed about the latest practices and procedures, enhancing overall security and efficiency.
  3. Service guides and product demos
    • Transform service guides and product demos into visually appealing videos. By doing this, IT companies can elevate customer understanding and satisfaction, making it easier to communicate with both non-technical audiences and industry specialists.
  4. Effective training and development
    • Use Storykit for effective onboarding, training, and development processes. Training videos can cover a wide range of topics, from software usage to troubleshooting techniques, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to handle various IT challenges. This approach makes complicated IT concepts more accessible to employees and stakeholders.

Storykit simplifies the video creation process, allowing IT departments to produce high-quality content without needing specialized skills or extensive time investment. By integrating videos into your IT operations, you can enhance communication, training, and customer satisfaction effortlessly.


In the IT industry, where complexity is the norm, video serves as an invaluable tool for simplifying information and enhancing communication. By adopting video strategies, IT companies like Advenica have successfully improved client understanding and driven sales. As technology continues to evolve, the importance of clear and engaging communication will only grow, making video an essential component of any IT company's toolkit.

By embracing video, IT companies can not only demystify their complex software solutions but also build stronger relationships with their clients, ultimately leading to greater success in a competitive market.

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