Got words? Now you can write your video


Have you written words today? Maybe a LinkedIn post, an article, or just a couple of emails? Of course, you have. Now you can make that text a video in no time, with Storykit. Let us tell you all about it.

I’ve been working with communication for decades, but my brain will still pretty much explode as soon as I try to use any traditional video editing software. I open them. I realise I need to start with creating a timeline. Or several timelines. Booom. It never ends well.

– Your reaction is not surprising. Many of us who work with communication are used to doing linear storytelling. We write our information or stories on paper, which gives us total freedom to write them exactly how we want them, says Fredrik Strömberg, CPO at Storykit.

Ok, does video work differently?

– Yes, if you create video using traditional video editing software, your story needs to be based on which video clips you have, and your footage will control your storytelling. What you have on camera will be more crucial for your video than which information you want to get out there.

Start writing your videos

But not anymore. With the brand new Storykit script editor, you simply copy or write a text and watch your storyboard build before your eyes. Sound crazy? It is. But it’s true: now you can start writing your videos.

– This means that we are enabling everyone who can write to also create video, in a way we are all familiar with – by writing, says Fredrik Strömberg.

It sounds like magic; how does it work?

– Well there is of course the long story on how the AI we’ve built works, but the short version is that you write your text, and Storykit starts creating the video. We simply want our users to focus on telling their stories and let Storykit build the video around that story.

Creating video using the Storykit script editor is so easy that you might even think, “why not make it a video too?” about every text you write. Among other things, the feature gives you:

  1. Tremendous flexibility in your storytelling. You can write pretty much any story you like. 
  2. Instant help with your video creation. Letting the AI build your storyboard will make your video creation easier than ever. 
  3. 100% control. You can handle everything from writing your words, finding and choosing your assets, building your storyboard structure, and even choosing your slide types directly in the text editor. And if you want to do some final touches, you just switch over to the storyboard editor.

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