How to create content at speed – and scale


We all know it: one of the biggest challenges for companies today is to create content on scale, while maintaining the quality. And with no increases in budget. Is it possible? Yes. Let's have a look at how.

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1. You need to learn how to “decentralize” your video content. And quickly. 

When you move your content production from a larger agency to individual employees, you’re decentralizing it — without even realizing. Here’s how to do it well. 

Once you’ve got an overarching message, it’s important to scatter the messengers on each platform. That way, you’ll cut through to your audience (who are more active and distracted than ever before). 

"Now, we trust a lot of people who are not in a position because of their hierarchical status, but because we actually trust them” said Fredrik of how brands are shifting the ways they distribute their message. And he’s right. Everywhere you look, from TikTok to LinkedIn, social teams are leveraging their employees as influencers – sharing days in the life, looks behind the scenes and their views on issues of the day. 

But why does it work to communicate messages under the umbrella of employees rather than a brand? “They walk in our shoes and have the same experiences and issues that we have. Often, it’s a trend that we think organizations big and small should co-opt”. 

So if you need to get more messages in more places, you should ensure you have a great content tech stack in place, from easy video creation with Storykit (type your line and it’ll spit out a video), static designs on Canva (packed with great templates) to scheduling with Later (never miss an optimal posting time again). That way, you’ll be delegating your task to AI rather than another employee – who definitely already has enough to do!

2. But if people aren’t telling the right stories, it doesn’t matter how you brand it

Sure, your colours and fonts matter (that’s why our templates come with them built-in). But people engaging and resonating with your content matters a lot more. That’s why a great story narrative is a critical part of the puzzle. 

Ask yourself if your content is a story you should even be telling. In the war for eyes, we have to get a lot more creative – but you still need to feel authentic as a brand. Says Fredrik, “With more options of what stories to tell, what narratives to communicate and how they should do it, not in a lofty way, but as guidance. And you can do this for your team, tools or no tools”. 

With their hyper-specific fonts, colours and punctuation use, brand guidelines might feel like the restrictive gatekeepers of content – but content guidelines should be the antithesis, providing sparks of creativity, nudges in the right direction and flair to equip all of your team to craft great stories worth sharing. 

3. How to create more content that resonates, quickly and at scale

So, now you know how to decentralize your messaging. Now the biggest challenge might just be how you can re-purpose it in a way that feels authentic to each channel, while maintaining a distinctive tone of voice AND giving every audience on every channel a reason to stop scrolling.

Many marketers spend hours making content, but only a few minutes to distribute it – and then they wonder why it doesn’t take off. 

Make many videos to reach many individuals. It’s possible to make a video that is distributed to a larger target audience while also creating several versions of the video by changing the images or title. You should also not be afraid to publish the same content again. If you have made content that works, you should really make sure to share it many times on many channels. It’s guaranteed to reach plenty of new individuals every time. If you have also made content that did not really catch on, you should definitely try to distribute it again. Write a new post, make a new video, test a new angle.


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