How to structure a winning social video script


Can a 30-second video script really be a story? Of course it can! And if you want to write a great script, you’ll have to regard it as just that. Here are 3 ways to structure your story that will help you along the way!

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Thinking of your content as stories will help you immensely along the way. Imagine, for instance, skilled ad creators—they are experts at telling an entire story in one single picture or just a few words. Naturally, your video is also a story, and it must be regarded as such. That’s why you should start with structuring your content.

1. Make a list

Include everything that you want to cover in the video. If it feels like you're trying to include too much – you probably are. It’s often tempting to try to tell several things in one video, or to tell one thing to several target audiences, but that never ends well. Instead – make more videos to more audiences! 

2. Put everything into the order that best helps the viewer

If you, for instance, start with a question, you should end the video with the answer. A clear narrative saves you time, lets you add what's important and remove the stuff that is not, and is provenly effective if done right. 

3. Think of every video as an entity

Every video should be a finished piece of information. You want the target audience to understand the message and receive all the necessary information. If you plan on creating a series of different videos, you should never expect that anyone who watches video 1 also will see video 2, or that someone who watches video 5 already has seen video 4.

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