How to succeed with paid ads


Man sitting with his laptop smiling because his ads campaign was successful

How do you get more eyes on a traditional research article than ever before? Well, ever thought about turning it into a viral social media video? Because yes, you can! (And should.)

Use the funnel way of thinking

It’s simple: if people don’t know you, they probably won’t take action. And you should be creating content for every part of your marketing funnel, because you don’t know where your audience is in their journey. Higher up the funnel, “testimonials and how-to videos provide great social proofing”, says Sofia. After all, other people can be remarkably convincing in ways that brands just can’t, so use people to add depth and conviction to your message. Bottom of the funnel content should always revolve around driving action, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull: you can use video content to tell a whole story…

Video is favored – if you do it well! 

Video is not only favored by people, who can watch a story from start to finish, but increasingly favored by algorithms too. We have short attention spans (are you even still reading this?) and need to be won over. “Using the first 3-4 seconds of your video is a great way to stand out in the feed” says Sofia on capturing your audience’s (small) attention span. But video alone isn’t the silver bullet to your marketing woes: it has to be good. Really good. After all, a good image can outperform a bad video. How do you make good video? We’re glad you asked…   

Test, test, test

We’ll let you in on a secret: sometimes, we test static images ourselves even though we’re a video tool. Crazy? We don’t think so! By A/B testing different content types, you’ll understand your audience’s wants and needs – and, crucially, it’ll lower your cost per result too. Now that we’ve tested, we know for certain that video drives website traffic for us at a lower cost per result than static ads do, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for you. Test and learn, don’t assume!

Know your audience

Use every data point within your business (from your Product to Sales teams) to figure out the myriad hard and soft facts about your audience that will help guide your ads: who are they really, what do they know (and what don’t they know)? Think of it as a few steps beyond customer personas; if you uncover in-depth insights like these, you’ll win. 

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