New name and new investors - the Storykit journey is taking off

Jonna Ekman


June 27, 2019

June 7, 2023

Storykit logo.

Only a year has passed since KIT Story Engine, and the media company KIT split into two separate companies. Since then the content platform Story Engine, which primarily helps marketers and communicators to produce videos and other content to social media, has been sold to more than 130 companies and organizations, like Prime, Collector Bank, and The City of Stockholm. Today the platform is also widely spread on international grounds with active users in more than 30 countries. Now the company and the platform are changing their name to Storykit.

– The journey with KIT was absolutely crucial for us to build Story Engine, but now that we have become a SaaS company we have also felt an increasing need of our own identity, says Peder Bonnier.

Prepared for the future

The rebranding has been developed by the marketing team at Storykit.

– In the name Storykit, we found the perfect mix between our history and our future. Combined with our new design, we have created a clear brand, which makes us well prepared for both the future and for the world, says Jonna Ekman, Marketing Director at Storykit.

To increase growth even more, the company now takes in 17,5 million SEK from several known SaaS investors: Anna and Niklas Storåkers, Johan Blomquist and Andreas Källström, Johannes and Maximilian Hobohm and Cloud Capital:

– Storykit is one of the fastest growing Swedish SaaS companies we have ever seen. They have an experienced management team, a product which solves a huge pain-point for many companies, and significant global potential. We are looking forward to working with the team to build a world-class company, says Johan Crona, CEO at Cloud Capital.

Accelerating even more

– Having some of Sweden’s most talented SaaS investors as owners and in our board is fantastic for both the platform and the company. We are looking forward to taking part of their knowledge on building companies in general, and more specifically on SaaS, says Peder Bonnier.

This means that Storykit can accelerate even more, which founder and product manager Fredrik Strömberg is looking forward to:
– Our goal is to simplify life for all sorts of storytellers, and it feels incredible knowing that communicators and marketers from many industries and companies have responded so positively to the platform. The need for faster, sharper, and more qualitative communication in social channels increases rapidly, at the same time as the complexity increases for those who are doing the actual job. This is where Storykit comes in.

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