Storykit collaborates with Getty Images to strengthen video creation with high-quality stock content

Jonna Ekman


June 10, 2024

June 19, 2024

Getty Images on

Swedish text-to-video tool Storykit is paving the way for efficient video creation for enterprises, enabling automated, high-quality storytelling in video. To further strengthen this offer, Storykit is now combining their innovative text-to-video technology with Getty Images' impressive catalog of creative content, setting a new standard for creativity and storytelling.

Getty Images Video Library on Storykit

In a new integration, Storykit, the leading video creation tool, is joining forces with Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, to equip content creators with an extraordinary library of over 14 million creative assets. 

Getty Images is renowned for its diverse, fully model-released selection of unique and compelling videos.

By integrating Getty Images’ content into Storykit's easy-to-use platform, users can now access this vast library without leaving their workspace, significantly saving time and boosting productivity. 

Finding the right assets for your text-driven video is an important ingredient in creating thumb-stopping stories for your audience. This collaboration will help streamline and elevate this process. 

– We’re happy to implement Getty Images’ innovative search functionality, that helps both the user and the AI to find the perfect visual assets to accompany every video, ensuring content that resonates with viewers, says Fredrik Strömberg, CPO at Storykit. 

– By marrying Storykit's innovative text-to-video technology with Getty Images' impressive catalog, we are setting a new standard for creativity and storytelling. This integration not only streamlines the video creation process but also elevates the quality of content that organizations of any size can produce, proving that with the right tools, everyone has a story worth telling, says Peder Bonnier. 

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