Storykit launches automated voice-over

Jonna Ekman


February 4, 2021

June 7, 2023

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Voice-over is a vital video component for many companies. In some countries, audio description is required by law. For this reason, Storykit is now launching automated voice-over.– Adding voice-over to your videos has historically been both costly and time-consuming, but now it will only take a few seconds, said Peder Bonnier, CEO of Storykit.

Storykit has been one of the market's leading tools for easily scalable, professional video production for almost three years now. Today, over 300 companies and organisations produce their videos with Storykit.

Since last autumn, it is a legal requirement for all videos in the public sector in the EU to have subtitles and audio description. To facilitate this process, Storykit is now introducing automated voice-over.

We understand that this functionality will make life easier for our users – especially our hundreds of users in the public sector – but making videos accessible to so many as possible should essentially be a priority for all organisations, said Peder Bonnier.

AI functionality

Automated voice-over is an extension of the AI functionality launched by Storykit last autumn, which enables users to produce video at an impressive speed.
– Our vision is to help companies and organisations to tell all their stories with video, and thanks to our AI, we have already solved many common issues. And now we solved another, said Peder Bonnier.

Initially, the voice-over function will be available in Swedish, English, and German, but more languages are coming soon. Fredrik Strömberg, VP Product at Storykit, said:
It's a smart process in which we take the liberty to lengthen your video slightly if the text is long and requires more time. The voice can also be mixed with background music or other background sounds and be downloaded if required.

Video dominating social channels

With the use of automated voice-over, this task can be performed by anyone.– 
There are certainly many occasions when a voice-over doesn't suffice as a complete audio description. But regarding the type of video content that is currently dominating our social channels – mainly scripted videos created for viewers that watch without sound – this function is going to be very helpful, said Fredrik Strömberg.

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