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Heidi Bordal


April 21, 2022

June 7, 2023

Storykit showing new brand

Recently we launched our unique script editor – that turns your text into videos. Now we’re revealing a bold new identity. Things are happening so fast, it’s hard to keep up with it all. To set the record straight, Peder Bonnier, CEO and founder of Storykit, and Jonna Ekman, Marketing Director at Storykit, sat down for a chat.

Peder: Tell me Jonna, how 6 months ago a rebrand wasn’t even on the cards and now it’s happening. And now it’s happening it’s obviously the right thing to do… but how did we get here?

Jonna: We’ve seen such massive changes to the company lately; we’re growing at a crazy pace, the product is changing in the most spectacular way, we did a new investment round, and we’ve also been busy helping all our clients tell their stories. Suddenly we realised we hadn’t paid much attention to telling our own. The brand wasn’t evolving at the same pace as everything else.

Everything happened in a very Storykit kind of way, didn’t it?

– Yes! First of all, we started with the words. What do we say, how can we tell the story about our brand as clearly as possible? What is this new position, and how do we convey it clearly?


Tell me more about the new position?

– The way video is consumed has changed: The audience’s demand for video is endless, and they truly want video everywhere, and for everything. But the way companies produce video hasn’t changed: either they use in-house specialists and agencies, which leads to resource-intensive, time-consuming video production with a high risk of bottlenecks that will slow you down.

– Or, video is produced in a makeshift way, where professional communicators need to use free apps, templated software, or start filming scrappy stuff with their phones. This might be fun, but most brands soon realise it’s not sustainable, because it’s impossible to keep control and the quality is – at best – inconsistent.

– This is why Storykit just launched a game-changing text-to-video feature, which allows our customers to write videos instead of editing them. If they’ve got words, now they’ve got video. This means that millions of people who can write text, now can create brilliant videos in minutes, with Storykit. This puts us in a new space in the video category, where we are offering something entirely different. Storykit completely changes how people think about and work with video.

For me all of this sounds quite familiar?

– It should! The funny thing is that this is nothing new to us, turning stories and text to video has been our passion since day one. But now it’s also our brand.

So, first you set the words, and then you moved on to the visuals. This wasn’t the original plan, was it?

– No, haha, that's totally on you. I never felt the need for a total rebrand but we evolved into it, and now that it is here it already feels like home. We loved the old design, it was fun and vivid, but the clearer we saw our positioning, we realised that the old look was impeding our story. The new design is built on the story we are telling, and when all those pieces came together it was nothing less than magical.

You didn’t do all this without external help, tell me a bit about that?

– To get the words and the design right we teamed up with the amazing brand agency Brand Gym from the get go, and they’ve played a crucial part in this. They immediately saw that everything was already there: the product, the content, the vision, the people – we were all pointing in the same direction, we just didn’t have a clear story to tell.

Everyone telling the same story isn’t easy in a rapidly scaling organisation in multiple markets?

– No, this is why I’m so happy we now have a powerful brand promise that everyone 100% believes in and stands for: Video for everyone, Video for everything. We even have this great new line, Storykit it, which captures all our empowering enthusiasm for all things video.

Now that the new brand is out there, what does the future hold?

– We have so much cooking! We are always on a mission to help organisations and brands tell their stories. Since the story is key for video creation in Storykit, we will be doing a lot more of this going forward. Joining our Facebook group Video for social media is a great way to start, if you don’t want to risk missing out on all the fun.

To wrap this up: what’s your recommendation for brands that want to do high volume, even higher quality video?

– Go ahead and Storykit it, of course!

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