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Miguel Doughty


March 31, 2023

March 20, 2024

Woman in pink sweater looking for filters on her computer.

Transform your content in a click with a preset video filter. With 25 to choose from in Storykit, achieving that certain 'look' you've seen on your social media has never been easier.

Filters are the perfect tool for enhancing the visual quality of your uploaded images and videos. On top of that, they create a coherent feeling between your uploaded content and stock media.

And since each filter uses your theme colors, you can be confident of staying on brand - whichever effect you go for.

Finding the right filters

Here are some of things you should keep in mind.

1. Match your brand spirit

Take some time to think about which filters align with your brand's personality. What tone do you want to convey? If you’re selling the next generation of AI services, a vintage old-timey filter won’t resonate. Whereas a more clean and minimalist filter will.

2. Be consistent

People are put off by mixed messaging from brands. So, once you find the perfect filters that align with your brand tone, stick to them. Especially if you're posting on social media. Viewers will soon recognise your 'look' in their feed before having to read your company name. 

3. More or less branding

Each filter adjusts the contrast, colour balance and other key settings for you. But you can easily dial up your branding when you need to, whatever the filter. Just increase the Filter Opacity and explore the additional effects.


We think the best way to learn about filters is to jump in and use them. But here's a few ‘looks’ that might be handy to get started. 


Add a bit of drama. Consider using these filters when describing a challenge or taking the viewer on a heroic journey.

  1. Holga/Medium or High (mix heavier with monochrome)
  2. Metropolis/Low, Medium or High
  3. Weissbier/High


Nurture a strong corporate image. Think about using these filters when you want to inform, educate and build trust with your brand.

  1. Aspen/Low
  2. Byers/Low
  3. Ava/Low or Medium
Ava/Low or Medium


Make your colours pop. Check out these filters for a bright and energising atmosphere and to enhance the fun in your story.

  1. Reeve/Medium or High
  2. Holga/Low or Medium
  3. Lady Celsius/Low
Lady Celsius/Low


Create a classic, nostalgic vibe. How about using these filters to easily beautify your uploaded images/videos and stay on trend?

  1. Cinedrama/Medium
  2. Humble/Medium or High
  3. Darkroom/Low or Medium

Black & White

Sometimes you can say it all in two colors. Monochrome can be useful when you want to focus even more on what’s being said, to capture a more serious mood or present an interview.


How to apply a filter in Storykit

  1. Log in to Storykit and create a 'New Video'
  2. Select Script Template or Blank Script when prompted and select a filter

Not sure which is the right choice? Add a few images or video clips in the Script Editor or Storyboard Editor and explore all 25 filters. You'll soon get a taste of each and find the perfect match for your brand.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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