5 reasons why video is unbeatable for storytelling


Group of people watching a video on computer.

In a world of bite-sized communication, our brains must daily filter through tens of thousands of messages every day, the need for quick, digestible messages is bigger than ever. And the perfect format for fragmentary storytelling? Video, of course! 

It is often stated that a viewer remembers 95% of the content, if it's in a video, compared to a text. And that a one-minute video can contain as much information as a text of 1800 words, or that our brains can process visual communication up to 60,000 times faster than written communication.

These are great facts, but instead of looking at numbers, let's talk about what we do know. And that is the what video storytelling is and why it is unbeatable for your business.

What is video storytelling?

Video storytelling is just what it sounds like. Storytelling through video. It combines the emotional power of storytelling with the visual impact of video, making it an effective tool for capturing and retaining audience attention.

This approach is particularly valuable in marketing, as it allows businesses to convey complex messages in a relatable and memorable way, increasing brand awareness, engagement, and the potential for conversion. In an era of short attention spans and digital media saturation, video storytelling stands out for its ability to create a strong emotional connection with viewers, making it an unbeatable asset for any business.

Why video is unbeatable for storytelling

  • Video evokes emotions (what storytelling is all about)
  • Video is easier to remember (compared to a text)
  • Video is easy to consume (just sit back and relax)
  • Video is good for accessibility (and that's a no-brainer)
  • Video is perfect for social channels because you can consume it on the platform, in its entirely and is easy to share (meaning the algorithms love it)

From the other perspective, video is also great since it forces the storyteller to prioritize their message. Since you can't fit everything you want to say in a 60 second video, you have to focus on your storytelling, and simplify your message. 

Why type of stories can you tell through video?

Whenever we talk to businesses, they often say they don't have stores to tell. But what they don't realize is that everything is a story! 

How to test your video storytelling

Letting creativity flow when making content for social channels is incredibly important. But it’s also important to be tough on yourself. Test your stories and make sure you're creating valuable content.

Before you start writing your script, you naturally need a notion of what story you want to tell. But how do you know you’re onto something good?

Many creators describe this sensation as something they feel in their entire body; they just know they have a great idea. It’s these kinds of feelings you should listen to, even though they’re difficult to implement. A piece of advice is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why would anyone want to watch the video?
  • Why would anyone want to share the video?
  • What should the viewer remember after watching the video?
  • How does the idea match with what you know about your target audience?
  • Is this interesting to anyone else except to those who work at our company?
  • Are you passionate about your idea? (While dedication is good, it can also make you overestimate how interesting your idea really is.)

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