Want to increase your LinkedIn reach with 457%? This is how!


Creating content consistently may feel overwhelming, especially if you’re creating it for several markets. But it doesn’t have to be. Matías Picun, Client Manager at Storykit, decided to convince himself, and others, that creating videos frequently is possible. 

When our colleague Matías Picun posted 60 (!) videos in 30 days and saw his LinkedIn impressions increase with 457%, we, of course, wanted to know ALL about it.

Matías, how did you come up with this idea? 

– I wanted to show everyone that it really is possible to create several videos every day. A lot of the people I meet tell me they can’t find the time to produce content consistently, so I decided to convince them otherwise. 

– I started out by making a content calendar in which I added all of the events, special occasions and holidays I knew I wanted to highlight in my feed. Those were, for example, May the 4th, Cinco the Mayo and when my football team played a game. I went into the Script Editor and pasted my text, then did some final adjustments to the storyboard. For some of the series I had planned, like presenting my Spanish colleagues at Storykit, I created a few templates that I could reuse. 

You made all of your videos in both English and Spanish. How did that go? 

– That was super easy. I made one video, duplicated the storyboard and just added the translation. Occasionally I changed some assets to better reflect the language and culture. 

What was the hardest part of your challenge? 

– The creative process was at times challenging. Not knowing if an idea was entertaining or interesting enough. Sometimes I would come up with brand new ideas and had to replan my calendar. But for the most part it was a super fun challenge to do. 

And the results? Have you seen any effect? 

– Enormous effect! In May, I increased the number of impressions with 457%, and my engagement rate increased with 335%. But the result is that I have inspired other people to do the same thing!

Screenshot 2022-06-01 at 13.30.47

Screenshot of Matías Picun's LinkedIn impressions and engagement, in May 2022.


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