Frequently asked questions

What is Storykit?

Storykit is the world’s first predictive platform for content creation and distribution, helping users to communicate their messages and stories in the best possible way, to have the best possible effect.

What is Storykit Video Studio?

Storykit Video Studio makes anyone a video professional. It’s simple to use and the results are always dazzling, but also: the manuscript is the fundament of the video creation process, which enables people who have never touched a video tool before to create videos within minutes.

How is Storykit Video Studio different from other video tools?

In loads of ways, but the most significant difference is that it’s made for people who are primarily used to working with text, not video. Read what our VP Product, Fredrik Strömberg, has to say about that.

Who is Storykit for?

Storykit is the perfect tool for organizations and businesses who want to elevate their communication on social platforms. Since we truly believe in video in social, we have built tools for you to create more video than ever before and still maintain high quality.

What does Storykit cost?

Our pricing model depends on a few factors specific to your team and organization, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you accurate pricing info.

How do I start using Storykit?

You just need to get in touch and we’ll help you get started. We often start out with a demo where we answer all your questions, and discuss how Storykit can help you and your company with your marketing and communication.

Do I need to have my own photo library to use Storykit? 

No! We’ve plugged in three of the best providers of free photos and videos into Storykit. But you can also upload your own photos or videos if you want to.

How about music?

Choose from one of the many songs you can find in our music library, or upload your own!

Do you have more questions or need more information? 

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