The new way organisations create video

There are endless ways to whip up quick videos for free or heaps of great agencies that can produce videos for you. 

But as soon as you need to communicate with video consistently, with impeccable quality, in an ultra-high tempo, and still keep control over the output, there is only one tool that will meet all your needs: 


Videos created by our amazing clients

You can do it!

Tell real stories

Our unique content data will increase the effect of your stories by 3-6X

Create videos in minutes

With Storykit anyone can create amazing videos in minutes

Reduce costs

With Storykit you will produce video 75% more cost-effectively

Improve quality

With easy to use tools and 2 000 000+ assets to choose from, your videos will look great

Control your brand

Customize your videos  and create themes that are consistent with your brand

Work in the cloud

Your video projects won’t crash your computer anymore

Storykit is optimised for scalable video creation

Simple editing and production

Can you write text? Then you can create video with Storykit. You will be amazed how easy it is to produce lots of video in no time – without compromising on quality. 

"Last year, we published three videos throughout the year. Now, working with Storykit, we create three videos each week."
Maria Göransdotter
Marketing Manager, Science Park

Combining creativity, quality and control

With Storykit, it’s easier than ever to adhere to brand guidelines. Style and customize to achieve the company look and feel, then let your users be creative!

"It’s very cool that our videos become so uniform across the entire company, while we’re still able to be creative in the video creation process."
Marie Holmberg
Talent Aquisition Lead, Bisnode

A workflow tailor-made for organisations

In Storykit no video is an island. Collaboration is effortless, re-purposing videos is basic, reviewing and communication is done in the tool.

"Storykit is incredibly quick, user-friendly, easy to collaborate in, and still extremely brand safe."
Martin Svensson
Communications Manager, Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten

Better performance with data and reporting

Power your video creation! In Storykit, you get access to unique content data that will boost your creativity and enable you to make better editorial decisions.

"We have reviewed our videos' results to find the most efficient keywords and messages. Now, we get terrific leads with the videos we create."
Robert Dahlqvist
Digital Marketing Manager, Foreseeti

A video tool for every department

Video has become a necessity for everyone. Regardless if you work with content marketing, editorial content, information, recruiting, HR, sales or any other type of storytelling: Storykit will be at your service, all the way from your very first idea to your very last distribution post.


Every marketing team needs a video strategy in 2021. And it will most likely include well-branded videos with spotless storytelling published almost daily.​


Video can shorten the sales cycle in many ways: in your emails, as short demos, as follow-ups, or just to establish a relationship.


Using video in the recruiting process, in educational efforts and in internal communication is a hygiene factor today.

Customer Success

Customers love to learn through video. Educational or motivational videos can do wonders for customers' success.​


By using video in your PR, press releases – pretty much all your communication, you can be sure to always maximize the attention of your audience.

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