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June 12, 2023

March 22, 2024

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What do you want to achieve with your branding content?

3 steps to create your own branding videos

Get started with your own branding videos

Unlock the potential of your smartphone and unleash your creativity! We’re going to show you how you can utilize old footage from the archive and capture compelling videos right from your office and transform them into captivating employer branding content.

When it comes to employer branding, showcasing your company's authenticity is paramount. Although stock photos and videos can suffice sometimes, when it comes to representing your organization, people crave authenticity. They yearn for a glimpse into the real essence of your workplace.

Many companies instinctively resort to hiring expensive professional agencies to creating branding videos, since this used to be the only option for creating this type of content. However, we urge you to resist this temptation. 


Because it entails high costs, only to use the video a handful of times before it becomes outdated.

Successful employer branding on social media means creating new content regularly to keep your audience engaged. That can be a challenge when you don’t have a dedicated content creation team, or even when you do. 

The steps we’ll guide you through below will unlock a whole new level of content productivity that will set you up to see the employer branding results you want.

We will take you step by step through our process to create effective branding videos at scale by using existing footage or by swiftly capturing moments around the office. All you need is a smartphone and a dash of internal collaboration to make your own culture videos, spotlight videos, recruitment ads, and more.

What do you want to achieve with your branding content?

Before you start creating branding videos, take a brief pause to reflect on your objectives. Ask yourself:

  • Are you aiming to attract the right talent and support your hiring goals?
  • Do you want to stand out from your competitors by showcasing what makes your company special, like its values and perks?
  • Are there important cultural elements that you want to highlight?

Considering these questions will help you stay on track and ensure that your content serves a specific purpose.

3 steps to create your own branding videos

Follow these three steps to set yourself up to create awesome branding videos at scale.

Step 1: Set up a company image library 

Before you dive into any new projects, take the time to gather all the photos and videos you already have and create a centralized library. 

This could be candid shots of your colleagues laughing and collaborating, videos from memorable events and celebrations, or moments that showcase the heartbeat of your company. 

By gathering all these resources in a single location, you can immediately start creating customized branding content and set yourself up for success. 

Step 2: Shoot your own footage

Hopefully, you’re able to gather numerous images and video clips for your branding content, but it's likely that you'll still need to supplement them and acquire fresh material for specific projects.

When it comes to capturing footage, the important thing to remember is that you don't need to record your colleagues' voices. Phew! This takes the pressure off both you and them, allowing you to focus on creating engaging content without any vocal jitters.

The possibilities for capturing compelling footage around the office are endless. Here are some of the different types of videos that we often capture, which can be utilized in a wide variety of branding videos. 

Team collaborations

Showcasing your employees working together, brainstorming ideas, and collaborating on projects. It highlights the synergy and camaraderie within your organization.

Employee spotlights

Highlight individual team members and their unique talents, skills, and contributions. This could be videos of them working individually, close-ups, walking, or working with other people.

Office culture

Capture the unique atmosphere and energy of your workplace. This could include moments of celebration, team-building activities, having a cup of coffee, or even casual interactions during lunch breaks.


Offer glimpses into the inner workings of your company. Capture the day-to-day operations, meetings, and dedication that drives your team's success.

Events and presentations

Record key moments from conferences, seminars, or workshops held at your office. It demonstrates your involvement in industry events and highlights your expertise.

Want to see another example of making the most out of event footage? Checkout how Azelio, a long duration energy company, does it here.

Kristian Flanagan, Content Manager at Azelio, says, "Recently we exhibited at the World Future Energy Summit - a high profile event for professionals from the renewable energy, solar and storage industries. I immediately started taking footage of the location in Dubai, and from the event itself. That enabled us to produce several videos, including a really useful roundup of our day-to-day activities."

Remember, these are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowing. The key is to capture genuine, authentic moments that reflect your company's values and strengths. 

Step 3: Make your branding videos (6 examples to get you started)

At Storykit, we love making branding videos and showing off our culture. Here we’ll show you some of our own videos that we made in the Storykit tool and how some of the shots we shared earlier come to life in them. Prepare to be inspired.

Video 1: Show off an employee

Showcasing your employees is a powerful way to enhance your employer branding. It not only allows you to give your amazing team members a well-deserved shoutout but they usually generate a lot of positive attention on LinkedIn as well. 

When creating these videos, we prefer using close-ups for intros and walking shots for outros. In the middle of the video, we typically capture footage of the featured person engaging in enjoyable activities or simply going about their daily tasks in the office. 

Check out this video of Shane, one of our Customer Success Managers, to see what we mean.

Video 2: Announce new hires

Announcing your new hires is a great way to welcome new employees to your company and show that you’re actively hiring. 

In our new hire video below, we incorporate footage in the beginning that was captured during a company outing (a reminder to save all your footage!). Then we simply film close-ups of our new team members. Quick, easy, and effective! 

Tip: If your new employees don’t feel comfortable being filmed yet, just ask if you can use their LinkedIn photo. 

Video 3: Shine a light on internal achievements

Shining a spotlight on internal achievements is a fantastic way to showcase your organization's inner workings. 

In the example below, we wanted to share the story of Matías Picun, Client Manager at Storykit, who embarked on a mission to post a video everyday on LinkedIn to enhance LinkedIn reach

Since we didn't have any existing footage of Matías, we requested him to provide a few pictures, which we combined with relevant stock footage to enhance the narrative.

Video 4: A day at the office 

Showcasing your work environment is highly engaging because people are often curious to peek into others' lives. Creating a "day in the office" video is an excellent way to provide an immersive experience for your audience. It allows them to witness the behind-the-scenes activities, the atmosphere, and the camaraderie within your workplace. 

In the video below, we give you an authentic glimpse into a day at Storykit. You'll see us working, having meetings, and taking breaks. The goal of this is to give you an authentic peak into who we really are.

Video 5: How we hire video

Providing insight into your hiring process for different positions is an incredible way to establish clear expectations for candidates interested in joining your team. 

In this video, we showcase our approach to hiring developers at student events. By incorporating event photos and including a slide featuring a quote from a successful candidate, we attempt to bring this process to life.

Video 6: Event video

If you're hosting or attending events, you're definitely missing out if you don't follow up and share content from them. Creating videos about the events you participate in is a great way to highlight the areas where your company specializes.

For instance, in this video, we show a meetup we hosted for developers. In it, we incorporate event images and footage while describing the topics that were discussed. This approach is an excellent way to generate excitement, anticipation, and awareness for future events that your company might organize.

Want to see more? Check out these branding templates for inspiration!

Get started with your own branding videos

It's time to unleash the power of branding videos and shape your company culture like never before. By leveraging your own footage and harnessing the capabilities of Storykit, you hold the key to creating professional videos anytime, anywhere. 

And here's the best part: if you have your company asset library ready to go, Storykit AI can effortlessly transform your footage into complete on-brand videos.

Want to see the creative process in action? Check out the webinar below to see how the videos are made!

From showcasing your team collaborations and individual colleagues to providing a glimpse into your vibrant office culture and exciting events, your footage will take on new life and amplify your employer branding efforts.

Extra resource:

Still not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here is helpful video that provides step-by-step instructions on creating your first employee highlight video.

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