Steal this hack to turn your articles into videos that get 5x the reach

Mattison Hofstedt


June 2, 2023

March 22, 2024

Discover the untapped potential of your blog posts. By embracing video as a content distribution tool, you can unlock new opportunities to engage and captivate your readers.

You've poured your heart and soul into creating an amazing collection of helpful articles that possess the ability to solve countless problems — if only people would give them a chance. 

Unfortunately, the challenge lies in capturing the attention of your audience amidst the overwhelming sea of content available online. 

While individuals who stumble upon your articles through Google searches are likely to read them, promoting your posts on social media, sharing them in newsletters, or simply hoping for serendipitous discoveries can prove to be more challenging. 

To overcome this communication marketing hurdle and make your blog posts irresistibly captivating, you need to embrace video as a content distribution tool.

In this blog post, we will explore five types of videos that are essential for maximizing the performance of your blog posts on social media, email or SEO, enabling you to reach a wider audience and garner the attention your content truly deserves. 

(And yes, we will be promoting this blog article on social media using the videos we made below!)

How video enhances your blog’s impact

Are you struggling to achieve strong click-through rates when sharing article links on LinkedIn? Are your long text excerpts in captions failing to generate meaningful engagement? How about your email click-through rates and SEO performance?

No matter which channel you're targeting, video is the key to maximizing your content's potential.

Video has the incredible power to grab attention much faster than static images. It allows you to break up your content and present it in a more digestible way. Moreover, people tend to understand and remember video content much better. 

Our Marketing Director, Jonna Ekman, emphasizes, "There are countless questions you aim to answer in your content that remain unanswered in social media. Give video a try."

Here are some compelling video facts to support this claim:

So, why not leverage the power of video to present your main points, engage a wider audience, and foster a deeper understanding of your content? It's a straightforward yet immensely effective strategy. 

Whether your objective is to drive traffic, boost awareness, or emphasize specific aspects, video should be your go-to tool for maximizing the impact of your blog!

We turned this blog post into 5 videos — check them out!

If you've been hesitant about adding videos to promote your blog post because of the extra work involved, we're here to change your mind. We're about to reveal the simple types of videos you can create with just the text from your article and the help of AI?

In this example, we'll demonstrate how we turned the article you're currently reading, "Steal this hack to turn your articles into videos that get 5x the reach," into five captivating videos. 

Want to see the creative process in action? Check out the webinar below to see how the videos are made! 

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These videos can be shared on social media, added to your blog post to make key points more digestible and SEO-friendly, or included in your newsletter as an attention-grabbing feature.

Prepare to see how simple it can be to transform your content into compelling videos that will take your promotional efforts to the next level and give your old content a fresh boost.

(P.S. All of these videos are made with Storykit AI. Check it out here!)

Video 1: Using the headline

Let's start with a bang! Every awesome blog article needs a little teaser trailer to build up excitement. Here is the teaser video that we made simply by copying the headline and taking the “what” from it. 

This video is your click-through magnet, drawing people in and driving them to read the full article. Share it on your social channels or include it in your newsletter to ignite interest and curiosity.

Video 2: Takeaways

We know our article is packed with valuable insights, but we want to make sure that the key points really stick. In this video, we break down the main takeaways one by one, using active subheaders to drive the message home. 

This is the perfect video to emphasize important points within your article, creating buzz on social media and leaving a lasting impression.

Video 3: Summary 

We know our audience is short on time but we still want to deliver all the important details. Enter our summary video. In this video, we condense the essence of our article into a digestible format, while keeping the essential facts and statistics intact. 

This video serves as an on-page summary for your blog, giving it an SEO boost, and also acts as a standalone SEO piece on platforms like YouTube. Share it on social channels to provide a quick overview and entice viewers to dive deeper into the full article.

Video 4: Listicle 

We almost always include lists in our articles because they are the easiest way to digest information. So what do we do with that list? Turn it into a listicle video of course!

These types of videos are a hit on platforms like LinkedIn because they're actionable, easy to digest, and implement. Get ready for more likes, shares, and comments as your listicle video sparks interest and resonates with your audience.

Video 5: How-to

A crystal clear explanation is what everyone wants and nothing beats a well-crafted how-to video. In this video we walk you through the process of creating videos from your blog content. It's like having a personal guide showing you the ropes. 

Perfect for the awareness phase, this video showcases the practicality and benefits of your product or concept, leaving viewers eager to learn more. 

Share it across any channel to get your target audience thinking about the problems they need to solve.

Secret video 6: Translate your video

Get ready to have your mind blown! Translating an entire article can be a real pain—it's time-consuming and not always practical. But here's a brilliant hack: instead of translating the entire article, focus on translating the teaser trailer. 

Grab their attention, and once they click through, they can easily use tools like Google Translate to get the full scoop in their preferred language. Stand out in different markets without the hassle!


Let's set the record straight: we're not here to replace your amazing blog articles. After all, blogs have the power to boost leads by a staggering 67%, so they should definitely remain at the top of your priority list. 

Our mission is simple — to ensure your blogs receive the attention they truly deserve.

With the magic of Storykit AI, we've made the process of transforming your blogs into captivating videos an absolute breeze. Just paste in your text or share the link to your post, and watch as our platform works its magic, extracting the essence of your story while staying true to your brand identity.

It's as simple as text in, video out.

Get excited to transform your content with these amazing videos, taking your promotional efforts to the next level. It's time to breathe new life into your blog and captivate your audience like never before.

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