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April 2, 2024

May 7, 2024

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Table of contents

Why use video in your recruitment strategy?

What should be included in a recruitment video?

Why use Storykit AI Creators to create your recruitment videos?

Recruitment video examples to streamline your hiring process

Concluding thoughts...

If we told you that finding the right hire could be much easier, you probably wouldn’t believe us. But have you tried marketing your open roles using videos yet? Discover why incorporating video is essential, which types to use, and how to create them to significantly boost your recruitment marketing strategy.

Got open job roles lurking on your careers page for a little too long? Let’s capture those recruitment leads.

The bad news: posting a link on LinkedIn isn’t enough to get people banging down the door for a job anymore (and it probably never was).

The good news?

We’ve got a full guide on how to optimize your recruitment marketing with video, including which types to use and how to create them. Let's fill those empty desk seats.

Spoiler alert: After reading this guide you'll never want to use anything BUT VIDEO for your recruitment strategy ever again.

Why use video in your recruitment strategy?

Recruitment is often in a totally different part of the office to marketing, but we’ve never understood that.

After all, finding the right recruit is a huge marketing job in itself;

  • you have to act as a lead generation guru,
  • market the job opportunity in an engaging way,
  • make your brand memorable,
  • discover candidates in innovative places,
  • and provide a compelling offering that competes with the market.

And since candidates have more places than ever to find their new role, it’s the right time to adopt unique and creative ways to drive demand when advertising new roles—specifically, through video.

“How’s video going to help me with my recruiting?”, we hear your weary HR department ask.

We'll first off, 70% of job seekers will watch a video job post resulting in engagement rates that are 8X higher than traditional text job ads. But if that's not enough to convince you, here are a few more key reasons why recruitment and video are the perfect pair according to Stories Inc.:

Audiences remember more from video

  • Viewers remember 95% of a message in a video, while only 10% when reading text alone.

Job posts with videos are more effective

  • Job posts with video icons get 12% more views.
  • Job ads with embedded videos receive 800% more engagement.
  • Job posts with videos have a 34% higher application rate.
  • 82% of job seekers use mobile devices, and 87% of mobile traffic is video content.

Video is favoured on LinkedIn - the ultimate professional platform

  • Video posts on LinkedIn are shared 20 times more than other formats and 5x more engagement.

Source: LinkedIn

Recruiters are seeing a positive ROI from video

  • 80% saw more job applications with video.
  • 78% found that video improved application quality.
  • 88% got more responses from passive candidates with video.
  • 85% achieved great ROI with video.

The stats don't lie. Video is proven to help attract the right candidates at the right time.

What should be included in a recruitment video?

A one size fits all approach no longer works when marketing your open roles.

Social media and video platforms will only show audiences what they truly want to see, and your content needs to reflect this: today, you can’t assume your content will be seen—that is why you need to create a lot of videos that spark different emotions in your candidate pool.

Think outside the box and ask yourself, “What would convince the right hire to take this role?”.

  • A fun work culture?
  • Opportunities for advancement?
  • An inclusive and diverse environment?
  • Work-life balance?
  • Specific tasks within the role?

Chances are you have a million awesome benefits written in your job description and in other places. The more you pull the curtain back, the more the right hire will get seriously excited about your role.

Why use Storykit to create your recruitment videos?

Now finally, the fun part! Hopefully by this point the wheels are starting to turn and you are getting exciting about the types of videos that you can make.

However, you may be thinking where do I even start?

The answer... Storykit. Why? Because Storykit has AI capabilities that enable you to turn any text into engaging video.

This means, once you have your job description ready, all you have to do is:

  • insert the link to your job post, or the text, into Storykit's AI,
  • choose the type of recruitment video you want to make,
  • and the AI will create a full video out of the amazing text that you already have.

See exactly how easy it is to create recruitment videos in Storykit below.

As a recruiter we know you have a lot to do. So why work harder when you could work smarter?

Here are three reasons why using Storykit to craft your videos is a great idea…

1. Save your team’s time

Go post something about the job ad”. Sound familiar? Chances are your creative department or agency doesn't have time to help with recruiting content. Meaning that you need to be able to do it yourself, and now you can (thanks, Storykit!).

2. Control your brand’s look and tone

Stuck waiting for the green light again? Approval processes can really jam things up. But here’s the game-changer: with Storykit, you can let your HR or talent acquisition team take the reins on making the recruitment videos they need. No need to hover and double-check every frame. Why? Because your brand’s whole identity – we’re talking "visual branding" – it’s already locked and loaded in your account. And get this, Storykit’s AI? It crafts videos based on just the words you input. So you can relax, knowing your brand’s voice isn’t just being heard; it’s being amplified, all without you needing to peek over someone’s shoulder. Trust the process, trust the tech, and let the magic happen.

3. Create A LOT

Remember when we talked about needing a ton of video content? Well now you can create it no problem. Use Storykit to create a bunch of videos so you can zero in on the good stuff - your unique culture, those great benefits, and all the cool reasons people are lining up to join your team. Storykit’s not just about making videos; it’s about spotlighting what makes your place the place to be.

3 recruitment video examples to streamline your hiring process

Get ready to be wowed. Below, you'll find a collection of recruitment videos that we've conjured up using nothing more than a job description and the magic of Storykit's AI.

When it comes to recruitment specifically, Storykit offers four specialized AI templates, which means it can take your job description and transform it into videos using three unique angles. Now you have engaging content to market your job opening.

Want to create all three in just one go? Simply input the URL and utilize the multi-create functionality. With just one click, you can create all three videos at once. Check them out below.

→ Storykit's text-to-video AI is free to start using now.

AI video template 1: Double list ad

This recruitment video lists the requirements and skills needed – and the benefits of the position. It’s an information-dense format but relatively light in its presentation.

AI video template 2: Short position focus

This short recruitment video focuses on the characteristics of the position and makes it into an easy-to-digest question-based format. Short and effective.

AI video template 3: Short applicant focus

This short recruitment video focuses on the applicant’s needs and wants and tries to address them directly with a question and three statements. Short, sweet, and nice to mix with other formats.

Concluding thoughts...

Today, even recruiters can step into the world of professional video creation without any special skills. So, why not take the leap and discover how easy it is to create engaging visual content for your brand and enhance your recruitment process just by turning text into polished videos.

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