Storykit adds unique AI-powered transcription and subtitling functionality: “An unbeatable way to build your brand”

Jonna Ekman


June 3, 2024

June 10, 2024

Storykit transcribe and edit feature

Add “talking heads” to your video content without all the hassle of transcribing, editing and subtitling the clip. It’s possible, with Storykit’s new AI functionality. “Bringing real people into your videos is often key to success on social, but there hasn’t been a simple way to do it. So we built it”, says Peder Bonnier, CEO at Storykit.

In a time where relationships and authenticity play a significant role in the success of your communication, “talking head” clips, where one or more people are talking, have become increasingly popular.

However, due to the importance of subtitles in videos, using the filmed footage has been time-consuming and challenging.

“Transcribing, editing, and subtitling videos have always been one of the most dreaded tasks in video production, especially if you can’t rely on the playful tools provided by some social platforms. For our customers, a simple, trusted, and on-brand solution for talking head video has been on the wish list for quite some time,” says Peder Bonnier.

And now they’ve been heard. With the new AI-powered feature Transcribe & Edit, adding talking heads to your video is simple and quick. Instead of struggling with timecodes, you edit your subtitles and your clip at the same time, simply by editing the transcribed text.

This opens up possibilities for creating even more brand-building, ROI-making videos.

Storykit's Transcribe & Edit Feature

“For Storykit, the story is always the core and center of video creation. When making a video, your talking head should often be a part of that overarching story rather than the sole ingredient. With Transcribe & Edit, it’s effortless to enhance your story with talking head clips, add B-rolls, and move seamlessly between the person speaking and your other storytelling,” says Fredrik Strömberg, CPO at Storykit.

Seamlessly adding talking heads allows the Storykit user to leverage their content further.

“Using your filmed thought leadership content, like podcasts, webinars, or interviews, is an unbeatable way to build your brand. And it’s never been easier than now,” says Peder Bonnier.

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