AI text to video: How to use AI to create videos from text

Ben Steele


July 14, 2023

March 20, 2024

Man surprised at power of text to video AI.

Don't worry, content marketers. The AI revolution doesn't have to be a scary thing. Get ready to take your materials to the next level with AI text to video.

We see you, curious marketer. Your interested in AI, a market that is expected to reach two trillion US dollars by 2023. You know AI makes it possible to do more by doing less. But you’re not sure if you should use it yet.

Then you eye up your workload and think – do I really need to craft all of that content by hand? (No, you don’t!).

You’re already sitting on a goldmine of information and text, so using a AI text to video tool means you don’t actually have to create anything new. You don’t even have to know how you want to reshape your content to make it more exciting. AI can do that for you.

Why should I get started with a AI text to video tool? 

By this point, you know the importance of video; it revolutionizes the everyday. 

Done properly, it can turn bland brands into brands that convert by stopping thumbs in their endlessly-swiping tracks. 

Video simplifies those confusingly long messages, seamlessly converting them into short, relatable clips. But manually creating a video takes time. And lots of it. Time and energy that – let’s face it – you just don’t have. 

So what’s the answer? AI that creates video from your text.

What will AI text to video actually do for my brand?

AI text to video creates the videos you need in a fraction of the time it would take you to create them. You can use it for new content, and to inject a much-needed lease of life into your stale and unloved old assets that you don’t have time to update. 

Let Storykit text to video AI get to work and your website content, sales decks and case studies will never feel so fresh, sleek and digestible. Honestly. Try it.

Everything you want to get across – the nitty, the gritty, the complex and lengthy, becomes dynamic and easy to understand. After all, your LinkedIn follower count is worth nothing if they never see, engage with, or even understand the content you share. Something has got to change. 

What makes the best AI text to video tool? 

If Shania Twain were to write a song about most AI tools for content creators, That Don’t Impress Me Much would seem spot on. 

Why do most AI tools fail at creating your content for your brand? Because it's not actually on brand.

Storykit AI won’t rewrite your text like other AI tools will. Meaning that it remains in your tone of voice.

This is why we’re so confident in saying that Storykit’s text to video AI tool takes all your existing text – and makes it even better by turning it into impactful on-brand stories.

How to start create videos from text using AI

So now that you know all the benefits of using an AI text to video tool, but how does it actually work?

All you have to do is copy and paste the text from your press release, case story, blog article, etc. into Storykit text to video AI, and it will create a complete video just from that. See for your self in the video below.


Here are examples of how you can give the content you already have a new life with text to video ai:

  • Press release: Tired of sending press releases into the void? So is everybody else. Feed your press release into Storykit’s text to video AI and let it throw a spotlight on all of your key points, giving your release the stage presence it deserves. 
  • Case stories: They drain your time, and then drain your reader’s time too. Here’s how to make case studies work for you: don’t start telling your audience how you solved a business problem. Show them. From graphs and work examples to quotes and press clippings, you’ll get more value across in much less time. Potential clients won’t be able to look away, because they won’t have time to! Paste your latest case study in and watch Storykit’s AI tool transform it into a captivating video that’s short, sweet and to the point. 
  • Recruitment: Attracting a higher caliber of candidates starts with prodding and piquing their intrigue in the first place. How do you do that? Let AI transform your pre-existing job ad into a short, snappy video that sums up everything that makes you shine. Let them fall in love with your culture, people and team they’ll be working with. We hate to blow our own trumpet, but you really can’t do that with a standard job ad, can you? 
  • Blog/SEO/Evergreen Content: Keep reaching consumers where they consume. With dwindling time and a penchant for video, long-form blog posts – and everything you write – generally need to be transformed into something more grab-and-go. Hello, video. With just the headline and some key points, you can use our AI tool to turn every interview, blog post and feature breakdown into something delightful, consumable and loved by Google once more, as YouTube Shorts and TikToks are surfaced by more search results than ever before. 
  • Teasers: As you prepare to launch a new product, drop a major new feature release, or share an irresistible snippet of upcoming content (like a podcast, event or webinar), you need to get the best points across in the shortest time possible with a platform to seriously impress. And guess what? AI gives you that platform. 
  • Newsletter promo: If you’re not using video to promote your email newsletters, you’re missing valuable social and ad real estate. Bring summaries and roundups to life with an impressive showcase that packs a punch – all by clicking copy and paste in our AI tool. 

The AI revolution doesn’t need to be scary for content marketers. If anything, it’s a blessing. Now, you don’t need to waste valuable time on anything but the narrative – just let Storykit’s AI tool take over the fiddly editing, structure and design. Don’t blame us if you wish you’d discovered this tool a lot sooner – after all, you’ve found it now!

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