Why this text-to-video tool is perfect for the medical field

Jonna Ekman


October 18, 2023

October 18, 2023

Nurse looking at educational video about health.

Making health and science information fun and engaging can sound like a hassle. But by using text-first videos, this company can do all the medical communication they need, in a way the audience loves.

– I wanted to find an engaging and accessible way to communicate information that is very important for both physical and mental health. 

How do you make people want to consume important health information?

ACTA Medical is an education and communication-based company that specializes in providing medical communication and information for the pharmaceutical industry. For Berit Sund MD and Senior Consultant, communicating in a fun and engaging way has not always been the easiest task.

– I love science — and I am particularly passionate about gut health, which isn’t a super sexy topic.  

Berit knew that video is a great way to communicate health information, and that if she wanted to stand out on platforms like LinkedIn, she needed to be able to distribute her information through bite-sized and informative videos that she could create herself.

When she realized there are tools out there letting her go from text to video in an instant, she knew she had found her solution.

– Making videos out of text is great. Being a scientist, I think it is really great to have the text and video together, to really digest important health information.  I didn’t think it would be possible for me to create videos like these due to cost, time and resources, but with Storykit it is. 

Transforming text-heavy posts to text-first videos

Now Berit can take her text-heavy posts on LinkedIn and transform them into easily digestible text-first videos instead. 

By simply using the text she already has and combining that with all the power in the platform, she can quickly shape impactful health and scientific stories.

– The platform helps me to shape the health story, or scientific story, with images so it is more impactful. Text and images are fine alone, but they're traditional and not as fun as video. I think science should be fun as well as informative.

Using Storykit to transform text into video has had great impact.

– In just three months, I've seen a 413% increase in engagement on LinkedIn. The videos have also created a lot of interesting discussions on LinkedIn, both in terms of the videos themselves, as well as the gut health and microbiome content that I’m sharing.

– Also, the feedback that I am getting is that people understand the complex topics better. So the videos from Storykit really help you communicate complex topics in a really engaging and fun way. 

Read the whole case study here.

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