Want to know the secret to winning with video on social? LOADS of video


Do you want to set up a video strategy for social media, where your videos actually make a difference? If so, there is no return – you need to produce a lot of video content. A lot of video content. 

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When our users start making videos in Storykit, their video production rate tends to shoot through the roof. It is not unusual that their video content production increases by 400% or more. And that is amazing. But at the same time, it’s a fact that 99% of all companies doing their marketing through videos do not make enough video content (and to be honest, that applies to Storykit too 😅).

How come it is so important to create plenty of videos? 

– Essentially, it comes down to how the digital world works. This is not only related to video content but to all types of content: The digital offering is incredibly big and interchangeable, and the amount of content published is bigger than you can even imagine. Users, on the other hand, have increasingly high expectations for the content to be relevant for them, as individuals, says Fredrik Strömberg, VP Product at Storykit, and continues:

– The only way to learn how to reach out in this swarm of content is to try a thousand different ways and do it a thousand times.

The infinite need to communicate

Moreover, the need to communicate different types of stories at every marketing and communications department is infinite. 

– There will always be more stories to tell. More press releases or blog posts being published, more product releases, and more quotes from the employees that should be put in print. This means that a person that works with communication should strive to tell everything, everywhere, and preferably also at the same time. 

But of course, there is a problem with this. 

– It would be incredibly expensive to execute. The stories are there, but neither the resources nor the time is available. 

When it comes to video content, a majority don’t even think it is doable. 

– Many people still believe that when it’s time to create a video, you get four guys dressed in safari vests with heavy cameras that will send a juicy invoice in return for the work performed. That’s why many people have this notion that we need to make ONE video to cover it all. However, that is not the way to go about it: A better way is to do one video for every detail. 

The shortcut to loads of videos

So how does one make many videos, then? 

– One of the more efficient methods is to work with formats. And, again: This goes for all content, including video content, which is something that many tend to forget. Working with formats is an amazingly efficient shortcut, both for your productivity and your communication. 

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– There is a vast amount of science showing that habits and routines are good for us. The same thing applies to content. For you, as a content creator, things go faster if you do not have to figure out how a new story should be told each time. And for the recipient, it is much easier to follow and absorb content in a format they are already familiar with. To put it in another way: By sticking to a set format, you make it easier for yourself to create good content by removing unnecessary hinders. 

Classic editorial trick

When throwing an eye on how most editorial offices work, one must admit that Fredrik is absolutely correct: To work with formats is a classic editorial trick to create a fundamental structure for content that is quick to produce, and that shapes the habits of the recipient. 

– A common misconception is that using format kills creativity. But in fact, it is the other way around! Working with format is one of the best creative shortcuts, because you will always get a bunch of interesting answers popping up in your head if you look at your content and think “could I make a personal portrait out of this?”, or “are there some interesting numbers I can analyse here?”. It is so unnecessary to waste time by starting from scratch over and over again. 

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