Elevate your digital content strategy: Maximize results with video

Ben Steele


March 7, 2023

March 22, 2024

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Quick question for content marketing teams with a workload that never stops growing. As new channels emerge and demands increase, how do you get it all done? Read to adopt a digital content strategy that uses video to open new doors without piling on pressure, and start working smarter on a smaller budget.

The world of digital content is constantly evolving. If you're not getting the results you want from your digital content marketing strategy, it may be time to shake things up.

In this article, we will show you how you can elevate your current content strategy by using video.

Rather than create a new strategy from scratch, learn how you can use video to reach your current content further, educate your audience, drive more traffic to your site, and ultimately increase conversions. In addition, we have included video templates that will enable you to start maximizing your current content with ease.

What does your digital content strategy look like today? 

Content marketers plan, produce and distribute blog posts, white papers, guides, case studies, and ebooks to attract and guide their audience at every stage of the marketing funnel and ultimately convert them into customers.

If you’re a content marketer with a well-thought-out digital content strategy, you’ll be working behind the scenes too, understanding your audience’s needs and what makes them tick, and how to reach them – whether that’s through smart SEO, distribution channels or keeping up with the latest content trends, from formats to topics in your industry. 

Why is my content marketing not getting results?

After all the effort you put into your content strategy, it sometimes feels like the job is never done.

You keep up with all the latest trends and run on the content marketing hamster wheel for dear life, producing content at breakneck speed to keep up with the demand from search engines, social channels, and newsletters only to finally step off the wheel and find the results underwhelming at best.

If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to think about tweaking your digital content marketing strategy so that it works for you . No more hamster wheels.

Top four signs your digital content strategy isn’t working

  • You’re producing more content, but seeing less results
  • Your marketing budget prevents you from producing enough content for each audience
  • Your team’s day is too busy for time-consuming editing and content production 
  • You can’t produce videos due to lack of budget or time

What you need to know to create a strong digital content strategy

Understand your content distribution channels

With around 6000 Tweets sent every second (we counted), you can’t be surprised that the one article you shared this week or the one video that finally got signed off barely got any views or engagement.

You can’t share one thing and hope it sticks. With SEO, you can often make a great pillar page and drive traffic with that one piece of content.

However, with social channels, sharing one link to your article won’t get you anywhere.

Focusing on quantity truly is the best content marketing plan that drives revenue from organic social. When you focus on the best content for the best distribution channels, you’ll start to see the results you want.

How do you put it into practice and clean up your distribution and production plan? 

Let’s start by reviewing your social stats. Great videos almost always outperform text or image-based posts, as algorithms are laser-focused. By turning all your content into videos – articles, podcasts, guides and reports – you’ll improve your reach and help drive traffic to wherever your content lives. You’ll also give all the content a second, third and even fourth life, meaning you actually need to produce less.

Understand your audience

When you understand your audience, you can tailor your messaging to meet their needs. And those needs will be different! That’s why it’s critical when creating your digital content strategy – after all, you wouldn’t tell the same story in the pub that you would with your in-laws (unless you would, in which case, we have questions!).

So it's non-negotiable to break down your content to target each sector of your audience, because a deep audience understanding helps you create content that cuts through and resonates. 

One of the easiest ways to tailor the messaging in your content without wasting time or energy starting from scratch is to duplicate video content and then tweak it for each target audience. By creating a single video and then editing the content, tone, or style to cater to each audience, you can save time and resources while still producing high-quality, personalized content.

Learn how Dun & Bradstreet tailors their video content for their audiences.

2 reasons why using video is essential to your content marketing plan

Distribution of your content is as important as the content itself and video is among the most effective ways to add value to your content, rank on Google and get views on social media – you’ve hooked your viewer in, and they don’t even need to leave the platform! 

1. Your message is more likely to be consumed

A lot of your marketing funnel is made up of top and mid-funnel content, which means being informative and telling compelling stories. No surprises here: video is essential! It’s a great way to allow your audience to consume your brand’s messages and make the content in your long-form texts more engaging. With video, the audience can consume the whole content where they find it without needing to tap away to a blog or web link. 

2. Stops you wasting time or breaking the bank 

Using a video tool like Storykit helps you as a content creator get your message across, work more effectively, and minimize your time (and money) investment to produce different versions of your content optimized for different channels and audience segments. It’s how you achieve your internal and external KPIs all at once.

Troubleshooting: How to optimize your current strategy with video

If the only result of your content plan is your own burnout, you need to read this. 

I’m making so much content but it’s not working… 

You don’t have to make more content to get better results: you need to work smarter with the content you make or already have. Start with a thorough examination of your distribution plan (or lack of one – no judgment here!).

How are you currently distributing content? Be honest: after you write an article, do you have time to do what you should with it? If you share it out once if you’re lucky, it’s great you’re here! 

How can I get more mileage out of the content I produce? 

If you have one piece of great content that truly understands your audience — maybe your last ebook — take out the main points and turn those into short 30-second videos that you can distribute on your social feeds.

It’s a low-effort, low-cost way to improve your reach and performance, and when you get content in front of more eyes, it’s easier to evaluate what your audience responds to. Then, you keep producing what works, and more importantly, distributing the impactful content you’ve already created to drive more traffic to it.

Create better videos faster, with Storykit

Marketers around the world use Storykit as a natural extension to the way they already work.

It’s simple: you write a ton of words in your day job already; Storykit just sits on top of a video script and creates video content for you, like a natural extension to the way you already work. Minimal extra work. Loads of extra content.

Here’s how you can use it in your workflow: 

  • Easily repurpose your content as video in new, engaging formats across all channels to improve distribution, reach and extend the impact and lifetime of all the content you have
  • For impactful messages, use formats & script templates to distribute your content to channels and audiences, discover content ideas, make planning easy and speed up production
  • No tap through necessary: tell your stories with easy-to-consume video in the feed, helping you resonate faster and removing barriers for your audience to consume
  • Tease your content with video trailers for other content and ads, drive traffic to website pages, improve click rates, downloads, grow sign-ups/newsletter/email subs and lead gen

Video templates to use at every stage of the marketing funnel

Elevate your digital content game with these easy-to-use video templates. Don't let your existing content go to waste - impact every stage of the funnel by turning your existing articles, podcasts, guides and reports into videos that help you improve your reach and drive traffic to wherever your content lives.

3 video templates for the top of the funnel - educate and drive traffic to your site

At the top of the marketing funnel, the goal is to attract and engage a wide audience. By making your educational and informative content more digestible and engaging with video, you can get your ideas in front of more people and and drive more traffic your way. Repurpose blog posts, infographics, ebooks, podcasts, etc. that address common interests of your target audience.

1. The 'Read more' Template - offer a summery of your content

Use this template as a trailer for your article. Share a summery of what's included along with CTA that will drive them to the whole piece.

Learn how to use it >

2. The 'Leading Numbers' Template - the perfect attention grabber for social media

Use this template to showcase the most attention grabbing stats from your last report and hook them in to read more.

Learn how to use it >

3. The 'Main Takeaways' Template - make your longer content more digestible

Use this template to outline the main takeaways from a longer piece of content like an ebook or podcast episode.

Learn how to use it >

3 video templates for the middle of the funnel - focus on your educating your customer

In the middle of the funnel, you'll want to provide content that helps your potential customers determine that they need your product or service. Take main points from your your case studies, expert guides, webinars and company branding that address the common pain points of your target audience and make them memorable with video.

1. The 'Micro Case' Template - highlight a particular angle

Use this template to highlight a particular angle or message taken from a full case study. Use it as a trailer to drive traffic to the original content piece or as standalone content that’s fantastic for in-feed engagement.

Learn how to use it >

2. The 'Underlying Issue' Template - show that you understand their challenges

Use this template to present the underlying issues that led to your services or products (a.k.a. the pain points you solve).

Learn how to use it >

3. The 'Ask Us Anything' Template - give quick answers to questions related to what you offer

Use this template to give quick answers to some of your target audience's most asked questions. Don't know where to start? Take the questions out of some of your low funnel SEO articles.

Learn how to use it >

3 video templates for the bottom of the funnel - focus on your product and unique selling points

At the bottom of the funnel, you'll want to provide content that helps your potential customers better understand your product or service and why it's the best solution for their needs. Highlight key points from your product demos, testimonials and expert guides to demonstrate why they should choose you.

1. The 'Grow Your Differences' Template - set yourself apart from your competitors

Use this template to turn your competitor comparison guides into video. Highlight one major difference that your product or service has compared to one of your competitors.

 Learn how to use it >


2. The 'How-To' Template - give a mini product demo

Use this template to give your audience a sneak peek into how your product works, without them having to book a demo. Show them a special feature that you know they would benefit from.

Learn how to use it >

3. The 'Simple Testimonial' Template - let your customers do the talking

Use this template to showcase your customer testimonials and build trust in your product.

Learn how to use it >

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