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Always included in your Storykit account

Text to video

With Storykits unique storyboard feature, anyone who can handle text can create video

Video AI

Do you have a script? Or a link?  Create a storyboard with one click. 

Stock libraries

With millions of images and video clips, and a full music library, you will never have to worry about video assets again.

Great looking brand

Use your logo and colors and create your own templates. Your videos will always be brand safe.


Does your organisation need to produce brand-safe and professional video at a high pace? Want to bring your time-consuming and costly video production in-house? Try Starter!

✔  2 users, 10 HD videos per month, and stock library with 2,5+ million images, and a music library.


When your company needs more brand customization, want to boost your video production pace, and also want more people and/or departments to use video, you will be a perfect fit for our Standard solution.

✔  5 users, 40 HD videos per month, premium stock video library, and custom typography. You will also get all the ideas, inspiration, and training you need from your dedicated Customer Success Manager 


When you genuinely want to work with video in an organized, brand-safe, and efficient manner over several departments, geographies, or languages, Enterprise will suit all your needs.

✔  With our Enterprise package you will be able to tailor your account and leverage all the functionality in the tool.

See why 400+ organisations use Storykit to accelerate their video production

"Why we use Storykit? Because we get a lot more video for less money."
Petra Lamorell
Marketing Manager, Advenica

Full feature list

Users2 users5 usersCustom number of users
High-quality videoUp to 10 high-quality videos (HD 1080p)/monthUp to 40 high-quality videos (HD 1080p)/monthCustom number of renders
Low-resolution video as previewsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Text based storyboardsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Connected social accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Connected client accounts11Quotation
Possibility to split account in different clients to keep parts of organization (eg different markets/countires/departments) separated
Maximum video length4 min4 min12 min
Maximum number of slides in storyboard6060Quotation
Video storageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Your user content
Full user content lifetime rights
Commercial usage rights
Reseller rights
Storykit WatermarkNeverNeverNever
Branding themes (logo and colors)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Logo control throughout video
Font library with 100+ fonts
Custom fontsAdd onOne font group of 3 fontsQuotation
Text styling (highlights/plates/colors)
Access to storykit basic templates
Access to storykit premium templates
Advanced styling
Editing and production
Upload your own assets (images/video/music)
Stock library with +2,5 million images and video clips
Premium stock and video library Add on
Music Library
Custom media libraries
Multiple video formats (1:1, 16:9, 9:16)
Generating split files for story formats
Slides with designed text animations60+60+60+
Insert storyboard
Quick insert of storyboards
Asset behavior control (postition and animation)
Text animation
Distribution to social accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Youtube)
Access to our Facebook group for inspiration and discussionsJoin now!Join now!Join now!
Shared storyboard access within organization
Comments/notes on shared storyboards
Shared storyboard access externally
Links for easy access video sharing
Move and duplicate jobs within organization
Creating custom templates across organization
Possibility to split account in different campaigns for improved structureUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Reporting and data collections
Reporting for jobs
Reporting for campaigns
Reporting for custom video collections
Slide intentions/collecting and reporting story data
Custom taxonomies
Video production AI
Create video from article (link)
Create video from script (text)
Autovoice (automated voice-over)UnlimitedUnlimited
Help Center (zendesk access)
Customer support working hours on email
Customer support working hours on phone and chat
Digital onboarding including set-up over link
Onboarding workshop and training session on site
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Storykit Creative Lab – template development workshop

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