6 places where you will find great brand stories

Jonna Ekman


September 27, 2021

March 22, 2024

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Do you feel like your company doesn't have any stories to tell? That everything feels boring? Well, you are completely wrong! All companies have lots of interesting brand stories to tell if you just know where to look. Here are 6 good places.

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1. Among the content you’re already publishing

Do you have a blog? Do you write press releases? Do you create informative texts? Manuals? All of these can be made into videos. That’s why you should look at your own website, blog, or press releases, and imagine that you are looking at a gold mine. Then you’re ready to go!

2. Among your colleagues and stuff happening at the company 

You might begin to wonder: is anyone even interested in us? Let’s remind ourselves that everyone loves to get behind the scenes. You want to hear about the people, the problems, the solutions, the benefits. A tip: when making a video about the employees of the company: don’t start with the most obvious individuals – they’re the ones who are always visible anyway. Many times, the most interesting stories come from people who work behind the scenes. 

3. Among your customers

Making a customer case is naturally a given for most people. Showing off your customers is one of the best advertising tricks you can use for your products and services, so whenever there is the slightest reason to show off customers and tell their stories – do it. 

4. Behind your “why” and the feeling you want your audience to have

When it comes to the company vision and mission, you often talk about the feeling you want your audience to have. What subjects could you discuss that reinforce this?

5. Among what the competition is talking about

Copying the message of the competition straight off is of course never a good idea. But letting yourself become inspired by the stories the competition is telling can give you great ideas. What do they see that you have missed? Which subjects does their audience love? How do they formulate their problems and solutions? 

6. Among what your audiences are talking about

If you only want to follow one piece of advice, follow this one. What are the audience's biggest challenges right now? What keeps them awake at night? What are they dreaming of? That’s where you’ll find your stories.

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