Employer Branding Videos

Top templates for effective

Employer Branding Videos

Create an attractive employer brand by giving prospective employees insight into your workplace, teams, specific roles and company culture with these employer branding videos designed to capture and engage your audience.

The 'Time and place' Template

Illustrate one of the values or characteristics that makes your organisational culture great by highlighting a specific moment that reflects this.

The 'Cool Things List' Template

Everyone loves a list! This is a fun and cheeky format to show off all those things you love at work, but never really take the time to talk about (probably because most of them are too ordinary), but you can also make a list out of more serious subjects in this quick format.‍

The 'Today at The Office' Template

Work doesn’t have to be boring! That’s what this format proves.

The 'Outstanding Achievement' Template

Ever wanted to do an “employee of the month” video? You can use this template for that, or just to highlight something else.

The 'From Here to There' Template

It’s important to show both employees and applicants that your company is a place where everyone can grow. In this format you don’t just talk about it, you showcase when this has actually happened.

The 'Person in Focus' Template

This format is about highlighting the superstars and heroes of your organisation – that is, everyone.

The 'Challenge Accepted!' Template

Making an internal success case into a great story is great for employer branding. With this format you can do loads of these.

The 'How We Hire' Template

Lower the hurdles for job applicants to apply with this template showcasing your hiring experience and what’s good about it.

The 'Great Place To Work' Template

If you want to build a strong and attractive employer brand for talent acquisition, this format is gold.

The 'Stuff We Do' Template

Want to share what a great workplace you have with prospective employees? Use this report-style video template to convince them!

The 'What Do I Do?' Template

Get your audience to create a connection with your employer brand by showcasing the day-to-day through the eyes of an employee.