Mastering corporate video production: [what, why, how] guide

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August 22, 2023

March 22, 2024

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Table of contents

What is corporate video production?

Why corporate video production matters for your business

How much money is a corporate video?

9 types of corporate videos you can create

Laying the groundwork for effective corporate videos

How to efficiently produce corporate videos

Embrace the potential of corporate video production

Are you feeling the pressure to set up a video content strategy? Do thoughts of hiring professionals, facing the camera, costs, and content focus have you overwhelmed? Well, take a breather, because we're here to put your worries to rest.

Approaching corporate video production can be overwhelming. What types of videos should you make? How many videos should you make? How do you even make them?

Corporate video production isn't a fright fest. It doesn't have to break the bank, and you don't need to be a camera superstar.

In this article, we're your guides to mastering corporate video production. We're debunking the myths, highlighting the importance, and revealing how you can create top-notch videos efficiently and meet the goals you’re after. Say goodbye to hesitation and hello to video success.

What is corporate video production? 

Corporate video production involves the creation of professional videos tailored for businesses or organizations. These videos serve various purposes, including conveying specific messages, promoting products or services, showcasing company culture, delivering training, and achieving other communication goals.

How are corporate videos actually made? 

There's a common misconception that creating corporate videos requires hiring a video agency or having a professional in-house videographer and editing expert on board. While this is certainly one approach, the landscape has changed. 

Thanks to the availability of sophisticated video software, crafting professional, on-brand corporate videos has become accessible to virtually anyone. You don't need any specific prerequisites. This will be explained in more detail later in the article.

Why corporate video production matters for your business

In today's digital age, where attention spans are short and content is abundant, corporate video offers a powerful tool to captivate your audience. Engaging videos can enhance brand visibility, improve website traffic, and drive conversions. They also provide an opportunity to convey complex information in a digestible and memorable format both internally and externally. 

Whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, investing in corporate video production can yield substantial returns. By using corporate storytelling with video, you can establish credibility, build trust, and differentiate yourself from competitors. Moreover, videos are highly shareable on social media platforms, increasing your content's reach and engagement. 

Don’t believe us, here are a few facts to back it up:

Benefits of corporate videos for internal and external communication

For internal communication, corporate videos can be used to share important messages, such as changes in company policies, updates on projects, or training materials. By visually presenting information, these videos can ensure that the message is effectively understood and retained by employees. They can also serve as a motivational tool, showcasing success stories, employee achievements, and the overall company culture.

Externally, corporate videos act as a window into your organization, allowing potential customers, investors, and partners to get a glimpse of what your company stands for. These videos can showcase your company's unique selling propositions, highlight customer testimonials, and provide a behind-the-scenes look at your operations. By doing so, they help build credibility, trust, and interest in your brand.

How much money is a corporate video?

The cost of a corporate video can have many answers depending on who you are talking to and the kind of video/videos you have in your mind. 

Hiring an external agency 

Hiring an external agency can cost you anywhere from $500-$10,000/minute of video content. 

  • Pros: High production value
  • Cons: Extremely expensive and time-consuming to create

Using professional video editing software

Using professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro could cost you anywhere from $20-$300 a month for unlimited videos.

  • Pros: A lot of creative freedom
  • Cons: Big learning curve, no branding control, editing skills required

Using AI video creation platform

Using an AI video creation platform such as Storykit could cost you anywhere from $0-$500 a month for unlimited videos. 

  • Pros: Instant video creation, branding control, no editing skills required, controlled creative freedom
  • Cons: Not designed for big productions

We’ll explain how you should approach corporate video production and why AI is the best option later in the article.

9 types of corporate videos you can create

To help you begin your corporate video journey, here are a few examples of the types of videos you can make to spark your imagination.

1. Leadership messages

Videos featuring executives or leaders addressing important topics, announcements, or insights can foster transparency and leadership communication.

2. Testimonial and case study videos

Featuring satisfied customers or clients, these videos provide real-world evidence of your products or services' effectiveness, building trust and credibility.

3. Internal communication videos

Used for sharing company news, updates, or training, these videos keep employees informed, aligned, and engaged.

4. Product/service information videos

These videos showcase how your products work and their key features, helping potential buyers understand their value.

5. Brand storytelling videos

These videos narrate the story behind your brand, its values, mission, and journey. They help build a strong emotional connection with your audience.

6. Company culture videos

Highlight your workplace atmosphere, values, and employee experiences to attract talent and connect with your audience on a personal level.

7. Event highlight videos

Capture the essence of conferences, seminars, workshops, or other events. These videos can be used for promotion, documentation, or sharing insights.


8. Recruitment videos

Showcase your company culture, work environment, and employee experiences to attract potential candidates and enhance recruitment efforts.

9. Content marketing videos

Educate and engage your audience by providing valuable information, insights, or entertainment related to your industry or niche.

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Laying the groundwork for effective corporate videos

Before we delve into the specifics of creating corporate videos, let's begin by sharing some essential best practices. You probably noticed that the above video examples are mainly text-based. Your keen observation is spot-on. 

While it’s often tempting to go big and expensive to attain that “wow-factor”, it’s crucial to evaluate if such an investment truly enhances your message or will help you achieve the results you're after. It's a bit like chasing vanity metrics that don't really matter — something many of us can relate to.

Before diving into a project, always ask yourself: Will this video amplify my message? Is the cost justified? How frequently will it be utilized?

Here are a few key considerations before you embark on your video journey:

  • Simplicity matters: The most impactful videos zero in on a single focal point. It's more effective to have multiple concise, targeted videos than attempting to cover everything in a lengthy one.
  • Silence speaks volumes: Given that many social media platforms play videos without sound, prioritizing text-based content ensures your message isn't lost.
  • Brand consistency counts: When venturing into corporate video production and nurturing brand growth, maintaining a consistent brand image throughout your videos is pivotal.

By adhering to these principles, you'll be better equipped to create corporate videos that resonate with your audience, effectively convey your message, and reinforce your brand's identity.

How to efficiently produce corporate videos

With a newfound surge of inspiration and a solid grasp on these effective techniques, it's time to dive into the world of corporate video production. Let's embark on a journey to begin and refine your video-making process for optimal efficiency.

Step 1: Clarify your objectives

At the very start, ask yourself a fundamental question: Who are you making these corporate videos for and what do you want to achieve? Are you looking to attract exceptional talent? Boost brand recognition? Make your products or services clearer to your audience? Or maybe you're aiming to captivate potential investors?

Remember, you're not limited to just one goal. It's likely you have a range of ambitions, but this will help you pinpoint different types of videos that you can be making.

Step 2: Choose your video types

For this example, let's focus on two objectives: recruiting and building your brand. You want to allure top-notch candidates and establish your organization as an appealing workplace. Start brainstorming a list like this:

  • Showcasing the available job positions
  • Detailing the responsibilities for each role
  • Highlighting the perks of working with your company
  • Providing insights into your company's culture
  • Introducing your team members
  • A message from your CEO

Step 3: Leverage existing resources

Now that you've determined your video goals, gather the resources at your disposal to help you achieve them. Utilize materials like job descriptions, the "About Us" page on your website, employee benefits information, and more.

If your organization already possesses videos and images, be sure to gather those too. Don't stress if you don't currently have any – it's perfectly fine. High-quality stock images and photos are more than enough for most videos. 

However, if you do want to add a personal touch, consider capturing your own footage using your smartphone in and around your office premises.

You can learn how to do that here: Turn smartphone videos into employer branding content in 3 steps

Step 4: Harness the Power of AI

Utilize a platform such as Storykit AI to craft a series of videos using the text resources you gathered. 

Simply copy the text from step 3 and paste it into the system. The AI will condense the text into different scripts depending on what you want and create complete videos with stock assets or assets from your personal libraries that you can set up. 

If you want to incorporate your own footage, the AI ensures it seamlessly blends for a professional finish, much like the videos shown earlier.

Why choose AI? 

  • The process is faster, enabling you to generate a multitude of ideas and videos in a short span. 
  • Your branding remains consistent without requiring manual customization for each video; it's already embedded in the system. 
  • This applies to the text too – the AI works with the content you provide and doesn't invent things.
  • You get more for your money. The time saved and quality that comes out can be replicated. 
  • No bottlenecks. Anyone in your company can create on-brand corporate video content.

Step 5: Utilize your videos

Distribute the videos across platforms or embed them on your website. Export them in precise dimensions without the need for additional editing. 

If you need more information on how to distribute your videos then check out our article here: insert relevant article. 

Step 6: Repeat for various concepts

Transform your blog posts into videos that resonate with your target audience using the AI. Convert product descriptions into videos that cater to each stage of the marketing funnel. Capture a quote and pair it with an image of the speaker. Upload a webinar recording and turn the transcription into a video. The possibilities are endless.

Embrace the potential of corporate video production

Embrace corporate video production with enthusiasm and confidence. As illustrated, the process can indeed be this simple, especially when utilizing the capabilities of Storykit AI. So, dive in and harness the power of video to propel your endeavour's forward.

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