Video for enterprise: Key criteria to empower more in-house video creation

Mattison Hofstedt


September 19, 2023

March 22, 2024

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Table of contents:

The importance of video for enterprise communication

Why enterprise companies aren’t able to create as much video as they need

Why do enterprise-level companies need an in-house video platform?

What type of videos should you be making?

Key criteria for an in-house enterprise video platform

Why Storykit is the best enterprise video platform?

Concluding thoughts

In today's digital age, video content reigns supreme, especially for businesses. All companies have a lot of information they need to communicate, but with strict processes and branding guidelines, empowering video creation internally can often seem impossible. Until now.

This article will delve into the benefits of introducing video into your enterprise level company. Learn how you can drive results by empowering employees to produce videos without seeking approval at every step and discover the barriers that hinder video success at the enterprise level and pinpoint the must-have features any large company needs in a business video maker.

The importance of video for enterprise communication

These statistics reveal the undeniable power of video for enterprise: 

Given these figures, the question isn't whether enterprises should use video, but how they can do so most effectively.

Sources: Mindstamp, Firstup, Lemonlight

Why enterprise companies aren't able to create as much video as they need

The demand for video content has never been higher, yet many enterprise-level companies find themselves struggling to produce the volume they truly need.

Let's delve into the reasons behind this conundrum:

  • Outsourcing costs: While outsourcing video production can yield high-quality results, it often comes with a hefty price tag. For enterprises that requires a constant stream of fresh content, these costs can quickly become prohibitive.
  • Complex approval processes: In large organizations, content often needs to pass through multiple layers of approval. This can significantly slow down the production process, making it challenging to produce videos at scale. 
  • Lack of in-house expertise: While enterprise companies have vast resources, they may lack specialized in-house video production teams. This means they either have to invest in training or rely on external agencies.
  • Brand consistency concerns: Enterprises are protective of their brand image. The fear of producing off-brand content can deter many from experimenting with video, especially if they lack the tools to ensure consistency.
  • Resource allocation: Video production requires time, tools, and talent. With multiple projects competing for attention, it can be hard for organizations to allocate the necessary resources consistently to video creation.
  • Overemphasis on high production value: Many companies believe that every video they produce must be of blockbuster quality. This mindset can be limiting, as not every piece of content requires a massive budget or extensive production time.

Why do enterprise-level companies need an in-house video platform? 

If you are a larger enterprise level business then you probably have used expensive external agencies or in-house experts for your video creation needs. But here is why you shouldn't do that.

Enterprises need video for many different departments and purposes: effective marketing, hiring, training, communication. Given their size and the demand, if they want to successfully utilize video they need to enable anyone internally to do it, and not rely on a specific team or agency (this leads to inefficient bottle necks). 

By getting an enterprise video platform, you can enable all of your internal teams to create and distribute content more quickly, such as: 

  • Blog posts
  • Reports
  • Press releases
  • Product & feature launches 
  • Interview videos and Q&As 
  • Event recaps and showreels
  • Behind the scenes
  • Training
  • Recruitment callouts
  • Etc.

What is an enterprise video platform?

An enterprise video platform is a comprehensive solution tailored for medium to large companies, enabling them to create, organize, and distribute on-brand video content for both internal and external communication. 

While there are many options out there, it's essential to note that not all platforms are created equal and that many have a different purpose.

For example, some like Vimeo Enterprise and Panopto primarily focus on secure storage for live streams and pre-recorded content for in-house or external knowledge sharing. On the other hand, platforms like Storykit Enterprise prioritize content creation, ensuring your entire organization can effortlessly produce, manage, and share branded videos.

The latter definition that empowers creation, is what we are referring to in this article.

They boast a range of features including customizable templates, easy-to-use editing interfaces, options for branding, and brand-controlled AI. This AI technology ensures consistency in branding and style across all video content, aligning with the company’s image and messaging.

These aspects make them invaluable in the current digital era, where video content is a key player in audience engagement and effective corporate communication.

What type of videos should you be making? 

When considering video creation, many businesses initially think of self-filmed videos or professionally produced ones with voiceovers. However, these options can be costly, and often, internal staff aren't at ease creating such videos.

That's why text-based videos are a more favorable choice.

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The text-based video advantage

Text-based videos transform existing textual content into engaging visual formats, making them perfect for conveying information. Video is not just about flashy visuals; they're about effective communication.

Given that enterprises are already equipped with a wealth of textual content, leveraging text to video AI allows for the swift transformation of this text into digestible video content, giving anyone the power to create video when they need it. In addition, creating videos out of existing content also guarantees that the messaging will be on brand — no need to worry about people in different departments saying the wrong things. 

Key criteria for an in-house enterprise video platform

When choosing an in-house video platfm, these are the criteria that you should be looking for to enable more in-house video creation for all departments.

  • Scaled video creation: Large businesses require a platform that supports brand-controlled, scaled video creation, enabling various teams and individuals to produce content without constraints.
  • Repurposing existing content: Companies are content-rich. From product details to instructions, there's a wealth of information already available, especially on home pages, blogs, and reports. The ideal platform should allow for easy repurposing of this content into engaging video formats.
  • Branding consistency: For larger companies, brand consistency is paramount. The platform should ensure that videos adhere to brand rules, reflecting the correct logos, colors, and language.
  • Resource utilization: Many companies already possess quality imagery, footage, and in-house experts. A good video platform should facilitate the reuse of these resources, eliminating the constant need for external professionals. 
  • Clear communication: Especially in corporate communications, clarity trumps all. Whether it's an HR announcement or a policy update, the message should be conveyed clearly and frequently. Don’t just check marketing requirements. Check how easy it is for different departments to create videos that present their messaging clearly.
  • Efficiency and repurposing: The platform should act as an internal machine, with templates ready for reuse, a stock library of company imagery, and AI capabilities to ensure brand alignment.

Why Storykit is the best video platform for enterprise? 

Storykit stands out as a unique video platform for enterprises since it emphasizes the power of text-based videos.

By leveraging Storykit text to video AI, anyone transform existing textual content into high-performing video. Simply input your source text, and instantly produce a variety of branded videos, eliminating the complexities of traditional video production.

Basically, Storykit checks off all the key criteria listed above: 

  • Scaled video creation
  • Repurposing existing content
  • Branding consistency
  • Resource utilization
  • Clear communication
  • Efficiency and repurposing

This ensures that, even at an enterprise scale, teams across departments — from HR crafting recruitment videos, to sales developing social selling content, to marketing producing product videos — can confidently create content aligned with the brand's identity (no approval needed).

Don’t believe us? Discover how Dun & Bradstreet transformed their video strategy, saved over 1.2 million EUR, and produced 119 videos in 17 languages in just one year using Storykit. 

Concluding thoughts

Getting started with video can revolutionize the way a company communicates, both internally and externally. By prioritizing text-based video content, repurposing existing resources, and ensuring brand consistency, companies can harness the full power of video without unnecessary expenditures or complications.

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