City of Stockholm uses Storykit for digital billboards


Thousands of marketers and communicators use Storykit to create video and other content for social platforms. Now, Storykit users can also use the tool to create video for digital billboards.
– This enables us to work much faster, says August Jakobsson, communicator at the City of Stockholm.

Giving the users of Storykit the tools to create video for billboards is a piece of a bigger puzzle.
- Our goal is to simplify the everyday lives of all marketers and communicators. Content production for social channels is a big piece of that puzzle, but we also see that our customers are using the platform for other types of communication; for example for training, internal communication, and recruitment. Being able to help our customers reach out in even more channels is, of course, super exciting, says Peder Bonnier, CEO of Storykit.

The City of Stockholm has used Storykit to create social video for over a year and began producing video for billboards on the platform this summer.



- This means that we can produce even more video. For example, we want to customize our messages to a much greater extent so that the communication feels relevant to the audience around every billboard, and that is incredibly easy to do in Storykit, says August Jakobsson, Communications Officer, City of Stockholm

Easier and faster

Another advantage is that the city's communicators can now work even faster.
- For example, we will be able to produce crisis information to the screens, without any extended lead times.

August Jakobsson

August Jakobsson

To further simplify video production, Storykit has developed a number of templates for the City of Stockholm, tailor-made for OOH.
- We need to be able to adapt the message to fit the billboards. We work very hard to get the message across in 10 seconds. Using Storykit, we can now deliver material to the web, video to social media and billboards when something happens in a short amount of time, which is an extremely cost-effective way to work, says August Jakobsson.

Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you just how easy life can be when you Storykit it.

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