Internal Communication Videos

Top templates for effective

Internal Communication Videos

Staying informed doesn’t have to be a drag. These internal communication video templates will make your typical reminders and updates way more engaging. Whether it’s a progress update from the company or a department, a colleague that has a new role, or an invitation to the holiday party.

The 'Why Do We Do It' Template

A great format to highlight your business or operational goals and make sure that everyone is aware and focused on achieving them.

The 'From The Books' Template

Need to remind people about organisational policy without them zoning out? This is the format for you!

The 'Moving People' Template

Want to keep people informed about what’s happening and what career paths exist within your organisation? Use this format to highlight people making career moves within your workplace.

The 'My Organisational Journey' Template

This is a great format to Inspire your colleagues with tales of career journeys people have made at your organisation.

The 'Survey' Template

A simple but highly effective poll-survey format that can be either entertaining or informative.

The 'Get To Know' Template

Help your colleagues get to know each other and what happens in your organisation's day-to-day life with this profile format.

The 'Morning Bell' Template

Ensure everyone knows what to expect for the day ahead, whether it's the company birthday, closing day or a company conference.

The 'Don't Forget' Template

Want to make sure nobody forgets about an upcoming event or activity? Here’s an easy way to do it, that requires almost no time to produce.

The 'Stakeholder Update' Template

Put a spotlight on a company update by making it more personal with a quote.

The 'This Period In' Template

Share your company updates with this easy video format that ensures everyone knows what’s going on.

The 'Leadership Message' Template

Create a teaser for a newsletter or any other periodic information from company leadership.