How to increase your productivity in social channels


The pressure on marketers and communicators to produce a lot of content is higher than ever. But there are ways to stay productive, even in the chaotic world of social distribution. Let's have a look!


Forget the time when you could focus on one big campaign each quarter. Nowadays marketers are supposed to be updating a dozen social channels, preferably with target group-adapted content, preferably in several different formats, and preferably a couple of times a day. And this comes in addition to everything else, which of course also lies on the market department's table. And did I mention that you are probably supposed to do all this with a shrinking budget?

Stop yourself from drowning

This sounds like an impossible equation, and of course, it is. But to keep up, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your productivity when working with social media. Here are my top tips on how to be productive and not drown in a sea of social media posts!



1) Take ownership of your channels

Many marketers suffer from the fact that every little post must be approved by the manager, the manager's boss, the boss' best friend, and seventeen other people, before being given the green light to post it. Only three things can come from this complicated procedure:

– That your content is disapproved
– That your content is published too late when it is less relevant
– That your content is turned into a tedious argument on the way

Explain that you need to control the channels you are responsible for and that you need to act independently to be effective.

2) Review the channels you are using with discernment

Do you need to be on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and all other platforms that someone within the organisation read about being "the new thing"? No. Do not spread yourself too thin. Focus on the channels that are working well for you and put the others on hold.

3) Create a content strategy for each channel

When you have gotten rid of the timewasters, it is time to create a unique strategy for each channel that you have chosen. Decide on your purpose and goal for each channel, look at target groups, think about how often you want to publish, and what content you need to create for each channel. Create a plan. And set actionable goals. To know what, why, how, and when, will make you so much more efficient.

4) Use your content in several ways

When you have produced some content, make sure you make the most of it. Can an article also become a video (or five videos?), an infographic, a quote post, a course? The sky is the limit.

5) Recycle

It is easy to think that if you have used content once, that's it. But that is not how it works! Try republishing an old job, by sprucing it up with a new image, making a new video, drawing up a new quote, writing a new distribution post, etc. You will be surprised to see the feedback you can get from "old content", that suddenly becomes magnets for likes and shares.

6) Go, go, go!

One of the largest obstacles for many people is to get started. To actually CREATE something. I firmly believe in the motto: 'the worst content is that which was never created'. I hope that we can all loosen up a bit, let our hair down and just go for it. That is the only way forward.

In our social media marketing guide, we give you more tips on how you can succeed on social media!

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