Need to make videos for your



Use these templates to highlight noteworthy information about your organisation in a way that stands out and helps you deliver your message to your audience. The videos are great for viewing as is, or driving traffic to the full story.

The 'Quick Statements' Template

Do you have a news story and want to give it a human touch? Use a quote from a person, and the story will come alive.

The 'Intro-Short' Template

Have you written a text with an intro or pre-amble? Well, with this format, you can… make it a video!

The 'Leading Numbers' Template

Do you know what the perfect attention grabber in social media is? Numbers! So if your news item has some standout or stand-alone numbers you can communicate: this is the format to use.

The 'Main Takeaways' Template

Summing things up is a true service to the viewer. With this format, you can do a straightforward take on pretty much any news story and make it digestible.

The 'Promise' Template

Have you solved a problem? Or have you found a solution to alleviate a hurdle for the audience? Can you promise? This is the format where you focus on exactly that: The promise.

The 'Daily News' Template

When you have something “newsy” to tell, this is the best all-around format, with a tried-and-tested dramaturgy. It’s safe to say that it works for pretty much everything.

The 'Boss Quote' Template

Starting your video with a quote is often a good idea. Starting your video with a boss quote is even better! It’s a great format, not just for information but also for marketing a few key players in the organisation.

The 'The What/Why/When' Template

Straightforward news is one of the best things to communicate in a video. You can find these items everywhere: product news or updates, planned events, happenings, information – everything can be a video with this format.

The 'First Reaction' Template

You have probably seen “reaction videos” capturing that first reaction to something from a customer or client. But can you do these with text? Don’t you need some really emotional footage to make these work? The answer: Yes, you can! And no, you don’t.

The 'This-Day-In…' Template

Something has happened. Something planned or something that just popped up. This is a great format to connect that “something” to your organisation.

The 'Read more' Template

Ever considered making a trailer for an article? You should! Let us tell you why.