News & Corporate Videos

Top templates for effective

News & Corporate Videos

Use these templates to highlight noteworthy information about your organisation in a way that stands out and helps you deliver your message to your audience. These news & corporate videos are great for viewing as is, or driving traffic to the full story.

The 'Quick Statements' Template

Do you have a news story and want to give it a human touch? Use a quote from a person, and the story will come alive.

The 'Intro-Short' Template

Have you written a text with an intro or pre-amble? Well, with this format, you can… make it a video!

The 'Leading Numbers' Template

Do you know what the perfect attention grabber in social media is? Numbers! So if your news item has some standout or stand-alone numbers you can communicate: this is the format to use.

The 'Main Takeaways' Template

Summing things up is a true service to the viewer. With this format, you can do a straightforward take on pretty much any news story and make it digestible.

The 'Promise' Template

Have you solved a problem? Or have you found a solution to alleviate a hurdle for the audience? Can you promise? This is the format where you focus on exactly that: The promise.

The 'Daily News' Template

When you have something “newsy” to tell, this is the best all-around format, with a tried-and-tested dramaturgy. It’s safe to say that it works for pretty much everything.

The 'Boss Quote' Template

Starting your video with a quote is often a good idea. Starting your video with a boss quote is even better! It’s a great format, not just for information but also for marketing a few key players in the organisation.

The 'The What/Why/When' Template

Straightforward news is one of the best things to communicate in a video. You can find these items everywhere: product news or updates, planned events, happenings, information – everything can be a video with this format.

The 'First Reaction' Template

You have probably seen “reaction videos” capturing that first reaction to something from a customer or client. But can you do these with text? Don’t you need some really emotional footage to make these work? The answer: Yes, you can! And no, you don’t.

The 'This-Day-In…' Template

Something has happened. Something planned or something that just popped up. This is a great format to connect that “something” to your organisation.

The 'Read more' Template

Ever considered making a trailer for an article? You should! Let us tell you why.