About us & Branding Videos

Top templates for effective

About us & Branding Videos

Shine a light on your organisation or build brand awareness with these templates for about us & branding videos. From highlighting brand values, outreach and initiatives to company history and progress, you’ll find great ways to get your message out.

The 'Underlying Issue' Template

Help your audience understand your mission by exploring the organisation’s raison d’être.

The 'Progress Metre' Template

Use this format to communicate your organisational goals and tell people how you’re progressing.

The 'Culture Bearer' Template

Showcase company culture and values by highlighting a person that embodies them.

The 'Organisational Insight' Template

Introduce your audience to the different parts of your organisation in a fun way with this format.

The 'Causes And Outreach' Template

Use this case format to show how your organisation walks the talk when it comes to values.

The 'Supporting Value Prop' Template

Want to talk about your values in a way that creates credibility? Try this testimonial format.

The 'Basic Facts' Template

This is how to present the basic information about your organisation in an interesting way.

The 'Keystone' Template

A short portrait of a central character in the history of your organisation.

The 'Our Origins' Template

An editorial-style video that highlights a pivotal moment in your organisation’s history.

The 'Value Statement' Template

A simple and matter-of-fact way to communicate your organisational values or beliefs.

The 'Big Question - Small Format' Template

Use a critical question and forthright answers to uncover what lies beneath the surface of your company mission.