Service & Product Videos

Top templates for effective

Service & Product Videos

Promote your services and products by highlighting the problems you solve, the details of your offering and the things that differentiate you from competitors. Customize these templates for service & product videos that you can use for organic social posts, in customer outreach or paid campaigns.

The 'Idea Behind' Template

Showcase major product or service development milestones by hearing from the people involved.

The 'Grow Your Differences' Template

Use this template to clearly differentiate your product and make it easier for your target market to choose you.

The 'Power User Shortcut' Template

This template makes for great community content by highlighting power users and helping others.

The 'New and Improved' Template

Get some attention for the changes you’ve made to your product or service with this simple but effective template.

The 'Simple Testimonial' Template

The 'How-To' Template

Change up your product or service marketing by giving your audience a sneak peek into how your product works for a particular use case.

The 'Good for...' Template

Use this template to highlight products, services or information and the need or problem they solve.

The 'Problem/Solution/Actor' Template

A great format to shout about the bigger or more tricky challenges your organisation is solving.

The 'FAQ For Video' Template

Turn your audience's most common questions into high-value engagement or marketing content with this format.

The 'Micro Case' Template

A great way to highlight a particular angle or message taken from a full case.

The 'Detail in Focus' Template

How do you make seemingly ordinary things extraordinary and engaging? This format will help you turn almost anything into a gripping story by focusing on the details.