Recruitment Videos

Top templates for effective

Recruitment Videos

Help your open positions stand out on the job market with recruitment videos and you’ll have more candidates applying for the job. Go beyond listing bullet points in a text post and instead highlight colleague testimonials and career journeys to illustrate what prospective employees can look forward to if they get the job.

The 'Key Player' Template

When someone applies, they want to feel that the role is important in your company. Who else is better to talk about that than a manager or executive?

The 'Culture Spotlight' Template

One of the first questions an applicant will ask you is about your culture. Is it right for them? This format will show off some of the best things about your company culture.

The 'Wanted!' Template

Use your network to find the right people! This format will activate those around you to help you in your search for talent.

The 'Sneak Peek' Template

Want to bring your applicants even closer to your day-to-day work? Give your applicants a sneak peek of what to expect at your company with this format.

The 'Meet Your Colleague' Template

What are the people applying for a position at your company interested in? Their future colleagues, of course! Use this format to give your videos a human touch.

The 'Growth Focus' Template

Do you know what possible recruits are interested in? Whether your company is a winner or not. With the right information about growth and success, you can show that your company is the right horse to take a bet on.

The 'Challenge' Template

People are motivated by a challenge, so use this format and the challenges of a role to motivate potential candidates to apply.

The 'Job Carousel' Template

Have more than one open position? In this format, you can showcase all of them at once.

The 'Area of Interest' Template

There is a lot of great employer branding hidden in a recruitment ad. Use this format to highlight that value for prospective applicants.

The 'Quote From The Boss' Template

When it comes to recruitment, a quote from the hiring manager can make your content even more enticing. Use this format to make your job ad come alive.

The 'Quick Match' Template

A recruitment video doesn’t have to say everything about the role. Use this format to spotlight the key points in the job description.